Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz wrote, “The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick.” Thinking metaphorically, our lives can be considered a building project—we are constructing something of meaning. And ideally, we are constructing something that leads to something wonderful.

The big question I have been thinking about is: What are we doing with our bricks?

As I ponder this question, I think about times that I used my bricks to construct a wall—or watched someone close to me build a wall.

Now don’t get me wrong—a wall can be a very useful thing. But for the purposes of this metaphor, let us consider a wall as a barrier; something that hems me in, that stops my forward progress.

We have all heard the phrase, they hit a brick wall. It’s pretty clear what it means—paints a powerful visual picture doesn’t it? Wham! Stops me from going forward.

None of us wants brick walls in life.

And yet, I am perplexed, because I keep seeing ways in which I, and people around me, engage in activities where our limited brick supply is being used to build a wall rather than a road. That’s right—not only do we sometimes encounter brick walls in life, we may even be the creator of the brick wall.

What are we thinking? Do we really want to fuel our insecurities by asking questions and talking to ourselves in a way that results in creating barriers to progress?

When we think we can’t do something, that something is too scary, or difficult or “beyond us,” we are simply adding another brick to the wall in front of us. And by doing so, we make it harder to build our yellow brick road—our path to something beautiful.

And sometimes it isn’t just thoughts—it can be a lack of action (definitely where I struggle more). If I just plan it out a little more, consider all the possible things so I am fully and completely prepared for every eventuality. Another brick in my wall.

yellow brick roadThis message, to a greater or lesser extent, applies to every one of us; when we consider every thought and action we take, are we using our bricks to construct or reinforce a barrier, or are we using it to build our golden road?

Let’s focus on road construction. Let’s build bridges over obstacles, tunnels through mountains, and roads to get to where we are designed to traverse.

Self-sabotage is no fun. And it is a trap. It is building a wall. It confines us and keeps us from our life’s highway.

Decide today that you are going to fully commit to becoming a road builder. The exciting part is watching as your road develops and takes you to new frontiers.

– David Sigler

David has been working with Jake Carney,  founder and CEO of The Alternative Daily, since its inception. He is a business coach as well as a passionate health food advocate. David is also a writer and editor at The Alternative Daily. He has four adult children and two grandchildren and lives in sunny Florida with his wife.


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