Don’t Waste Your Money on Thigh Reducing Creams

Now that the season for shorts and swimsuits is upon us, many women are feeling self-conscious about their thighs.

In attempts to both slim down and smooth out bumpy cellulite, some women invest in creams promising to reduce thigh fat and nix cellulite for good.

Unfortunately, however, the marketing behind these products has been found by researchers to be all hype and no substance.

To test the effectiveness of thigh creams, a research team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill performed a study involving 11 women between the ages of 18 and 35.

The creams tested were those with aminophylline as an active ingredient, which is also found in some asthma medications and was once associated with the dissolution of fat cells.

During the course of the study, each woman was asked to apply the thigh-reducing cream to one leg, and a regular moisturizer to the other leg, every day for six weeks.

The women were also asked not to change their diet and exercise habits during the study. At the end of the study, leg circumferences were measured, and it was found that the thigh cream had no significant benefit other than moisturizing.

According to Dr. Bonita Marks, one of the researchers who performed the study, “manufacturers of these creams rake in the bucks for a product that doesn’t work. They feed on unfounded, poor self-images many women have of their bodies.” Dr. Marks adds, “not only did we find no difference in each volunteer’s thighs at the end, but the volunteers themselves said they could see and feel no difference either.”

The researchers state that the earlier research that showed promise for aminophylline in treating cellulite was performed on obese women who changed their diets and exercised during the study, and that these changes, not the aminophylline cream, were likely responsible for their fat loss. Indeed, if you want to have sexy summer thighs, it comes down to healthy foods and regular exercise that targets your buttocks and legs, such as walking, running, biking and dancing.

As far as cellulite goes, there are certain foods that can give a boost to a healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated is key, as is consuming healthy fats, such as organic coconut oil and omega-3 fatty acids. Broccoli is a great veggie to add to your dishes, as it contains alpha linoleic acid, which helps to keep collagen from hardening and leading to cellulite.

Green tea is another great choice, either to sip in the morning or add to your smoothies, as its theobromine content aids in the release of stored fats in the body.

On top of that, staying away from processed foods, sugar and wheat, and moderating your alcohol intake, are key, as these substances can lead to inflammation and toxic buildup in the body, negating your hard work.

thighsIt may take some time and effort, but with dedication, you can attain your best possible shape without forking over hard-earned cash for creams that do not deliver real results.

Always remember, how you feel about yourself is key, so every time you look in the mirror, even if there are things about your body you wish to improve, find something to smile about.

-The Alternative Daily


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