Do This One Thing First Daily Says 86 Year Old Who Lost 120 Pounds

It may seem too simple to be true, but getting and staying fit does not require a monumental effort, expensive gym memberships or special equipment. Take this from 86 year old Jessica Slaughter who is no stranger to health struggles. Although she has struggled with obesity-related health issues for most of her life, Jessica recently demonstrated how the one things she does each day has changed her life.

Slaughter, like millions of other Americans, was pre-diabetic in her 70’s and needed to make some serious changes to her health. As a child, she remembers being teased a lot for her weight and finding it hard to stop eating processed and fried food. After making some substantial changes to her diet, Jessica began walking around her one bedroom apartment.

Slaughter didn’t have to walk endless miles to see results, either. Slaughter simply walks in tight, short circles around her apartment; she tracks her daily steps using a Fitbit that was gifted to her by her granddaughter, and she says she walks 3,000 steps first thing in the morning.

You don’t have to go fast to get into shape; you just have to go. I want seniors to know, just because we’ve reached a certain age, we don’t have to stop living. There’s a better way of life if they choose [it].” – Jessica Slaughter

Walking works, don’t overcomplicate it

Slaughter’s story is very inspirational and speaks volumes to not overcomplicating movement. Taking a brisk walk can do wonders not only for the body but also the mind. The key to success is consistency – just keep doing it and doing it daily.

Some of the many benefits of walking

Here are some of the amazing benefits of walking, an exercise that requires nothing more than a pair of shoes and a desire to move.

  • Walking at least 30 minutes a day for five weeks can reduce your coronary artery risk by 19%.
  • Walking can reduce joint pain and stiffness by strengthening and lubricating muscles that support the joints.
  • Walking boosts the immune system. One study found that people who walked 35-40 each day had 43% fewer sick days and fewer upper respiratory infections compared to those who did not walk.
  • Walking can be more effective than drinking coffee at increasing energy. Research has found that this benefit came to those who walked briskly for thirty minutes three times a day.
  • Walking can improve your mood. Studies show that persons who regularly engage in walking suffer from less depression and anxiety than those who don’t walk often.
  • Walking helps free up ideas in your head and make you more creative.
  • Walking helps you burn calories which helps you lose weight.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to start walking?

-The Alternative Daily

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