Cuddle Your Way to Better Health

If you and your partner love cuddling, or you have a partner you want to convince to cuddle more, we have some good news! Research keeps emerging on the many health and happiness benefits of cuddling, and it’s revealed some pretty amazing things.

Read on for the top 5 reasons to cuddle more!

It lowers blood pressure and stress levels

Physical contact with others helps to reduce stress. Cuddling, hugging, kissing and sexual intimacy all increase oxytocin—the “feel good” hormone. When this hormone is released, we naturally feel less stressed and more relaxed, and our blood pressure goes down.

It gives your immune system a boost and helps relieve pain

Studies have shown that hugging can strengthen the immune system, and cuddling can too for the same reason. It’s oxytocin again! Human touch stimulates the release of this hormone, which strengthens your immune system and decreases pain levels.

This is why when we jam our finger or have a sore neck or shoulders, we rub the affected area with our hands, and this is partially why massage is so effective. But while these only require a small area of your body to be touched at a time, cuddling requires full body contact, so imagine how much oxytocin is released this way!

It can help to improve communication in your relationship

People and partners express themselves in different ways. While some people feel more comfortable with verbal communication, others like to express themselves non-verbally. So if you feel like words can’t express how you feel, cuddling is a good way to show our partners love, acceptance and empathy.

It lowers social anxiety and enhances social bonds

Raised oxytocin levels make it easier for us to bond with people, and increase our ability to have meaningful relationships and trust others. Increased oxytocin also helps to build our self-esteem and self-confidence, which are important both for meeting new people and for maintaining existing relationships.

It simply makes you feel great

Young beautiful couple relaxing on the sofa at homeDuring cuddling, endorphins are released, which are the chemicals that make you feel a bit “high” after a good workout or a that first piece of chocolate. Oxytocin, as we already mentioned, also increases overall feelings of well-being and happiness. Furthermore, the feelings of closeness and connection with your partner that are cultivated during snuggling are bound to make you feel great!

If you’re not in a relationship but still want to experience the benefits of cuddling, no need to worry. You can experience many of the benefits of cuddling through long hugs, massages—or even petting and playing with your pet!

-The Alternative Daily


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