Be Careful Not to Overinduldge this Halloween: Here’s How

While it’s best to avoid unhealthy treats as often as possible, indulging a little on special holidays isn’t going to do a lot of damage if you regularly follow a healthy diet. That said, overindulging is just never a good idea for optimal health and a slim waistline.

As that can be easier said than done, consider these tips for enjoying Halloween treats in moderation.

Buy your trick-or-treat candy as close to Halloween as possible

The earlier in the season you buy it, the more time you’ll have for temptation to get the best of you. Those bags of candy will be sitting around just begging you to open them. Instead of buying early, purchase it on October 31 or just a few days before. You may even save some money with the numerous clearance deals available during this time.

Fill up on fiber before indulging

A good way to prevent yourself from eating too much is to fill up on fiber first. Just before indulging in those treats, drink a tablespoon of ground flaxseed with a glass of water. Numerous studies have found that consuming even just a small amount of flaxseed can significantly suppress the appetite. The less hungry you are, the less tempted you’ll be to grab another, and another, treat out of that candy bag.

Bring along a healthy snack while your kids trick-or-treat

If you’re like most, you probably miss those good ol’ days when you were a kid and got to enjoy going door-to-door filling up your own candy bag, which makes it extremely tempting to reach into your kids’ bags for just one, perhaps one more, and another, irresistible treat. By bringing something with you like warm apple cider, hot tea, or a handful of nuts, it will keep your hands busy and prevent the urge to give in.

Concentrate on other fun Halloween activities

child halloween pumpkin bucket spilling candyHalloween really doesn’t need to be all about the candy. At this time of year you can enjoy visiting a pumpkin patch – many offer all sorts of other fun activities like a corn maze or petting zoo. Then when you get home you can carve Jack-o-lanterns. Enjoy decorating your home with scarecrows, dried corn stalks and beautifully colored leaves. Changing your own attitude about the holiday by taking the focus away from the candy can help your whole family stay on the path to good health.

Set daily limits

You probably set a daily limit for your kids when it comes to eating candy, be sure and do the same for yourself. One candy per day is reasonable – and if you remember to use the tip for flaxseed, it won’t be nearly as hard as you might think.

Remember, just about everything is okay in moderation – allow yourself to enjoy the holiday and keep in mind that a healthy diet can include the occasional treat like candy.

-The Alternative Daily 


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