Baby Formula Contaminated with Cancer-causing Fungus

Baby Formula Contaminated with Cancer-causing Fungus

In a repeat of problems with baby formula from 2008, formula from Nanshan Bywise has been found to contain ingredients that can result in infant illness and, potentially, death. In 2008, tainted formula from China resulted in the deaths of six babies.

Baby Formula Contaminated with Cancer-causing Fungus
Problems in Dairy Feed

The problems with baby formula manufactured in China stem from contamination found in feed given to dairy cattle in Nanshan, located in Hunan Province. The cattle were fed grain that was contaminated with Aflatoxin, a mildew that has been linked to the development of cancer. Aflatoxin grows on hay or grain that is fed to cattle. If ingested by cows, the fungus appears in milk production.

In a quality-control inspection, five boxes of contaminated baby formula were discovered and it is not known whether or not any of the formula was actually fed to children. The formula was manufactured between July and December of 2011.

Baby formula produced in China has repeatedly had problems in recent years. In June of this year, Yili Industrial Group recalled baby formula due to unusually high levels of mercury. In 2008, tainted baby formula tainted with melamine was linked to 300,000 reports of infant illness and six deaths. Melamine is a chemical that is added illegally to dairy products to make watered down milk protein content appear normal.

Food safety in foods manufactured in China has become an area of concern around the world. The best approach to eating safe foods is to eat food that has been grown and produced locally. Organically grown local fruits and vegetables are the best source of high quality safe foods. For infants, breast milk and organic baby foods are an excellent source of safe nutrition.

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