Astragalus, Chinese Medicine’s Secret Cancer Fighter

Astragalus, Chinese Medicine’s Secret Cancer Fighter

Chinese medicine has used herbal remedies for thousands of years, many of which are extremely effective, despite skepticism from Western medical practitioners. Astragalus is an herb which has been used to treat the effects of cancer and is known to boost the immune system, making the herb worth considering if you are faced with cancer or another highly damaging health condition.

Astragalus as a Cancer Treatment

Western medicine treats cancer with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. In the case of radiation and chemotherapy, the hope is that the treatment will kill the cancer before the treatment kills you. Unfortunately, many of the side effects of these treatment methods are uncomfortable and can be as debilitating as not treating the cancer at all.

At the University of Houston, researchers have discovered that astragalus actually boosts the immune system function in cancer patients. Use of the herb in treating cancer improves the ability of T-cells and NK cells to kill cancer cells. Additionally, it turns on Interleukin-2, which kills tumors. As a complimentary treatment in cancer, astragalus fights immunosupression, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy, making cancer patients susceptible to infections and illness. Astragalus has also been found to help with side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, such as nausea, fatigue, lost of strength and weight loss.

Of course, the FDA does not approve any herbal supplements and will not mention that herbs such as astragalus can actually provide health benefits. Even reputable experts in alternative health come under scrutiny when they mention astragalus and the health benefits it provides. You may not find the benefits of such helpful herbs listed on product labels, but be assured, if it has been used in Chinese medicine effectively for thousands of years, it is likely still effective today.

– The Alternative Daily

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