Why You Should Always Take Your Shoes Off in the House

Did you grow up in one of those homes where your mother was always hollering at you to take off your shoes? Did you always have a box of shoes at the back door and slippers for inside the house?

While millions of Americans have adopted the habit of removing their footwear before entering their home, millions of others still go from the backdoor to the sofa without ever removing their shoes. Although much of taking your shoes off is a cultural practice, it is one well worth considering when you look at it from a health perspective.

Travelling Toxins: The first proof that pesticides can be tracked into a home on shoes was released by the EPA. According to the study, pesticides such as 2, 4-D, can remain on a lawn for up to a week after application.

Both animals as well as humans can track these chemicals into a home. Another study showed that 98 percent of all lead dust found within a home is tracked in from the outside.

Germs: Those that live in heavily populated urban areas should beware of things that they pick up from sidewalks, escalators and stairways. It is possible to bring in everything from animal waste to human body fluids on the soles of your shoes.

Comfort: Depending on your shoes and how much standing or walking you do daily, your feet need a rest at the end of the day. Taking off your shoes and slipping into a comfy pair of house slippers lets your feet breathe and allows you to stretch and massage your tired toes.

Dirt: Who wants a house full of dirt? Although the invention of paved roads did away with the traditional boot scrapers at the front and back doors of homes, dirt still finds its way into the crevices of shoes and into your home.

How to Politely Ask a Visitor in Your Home to Take Their Shoes Off

Asking someone who may not be accustomed to taking off their shoes at the door to do so in your home can be a little tricky to navigate. The best thing to do is to create a neat area for shoes at the door.

This will send a signal to your house guest that we take our shoes off in our home. If this is too subtle you may try offering your guest a pair of house slippers, noting that he or she will be more comfortable.

This is a common practice in Asian countries where houseguests are routinely offered a pair of cozy slippers when they arrive at someone’s home. If your houseguest still seems reticent to comply, you may have to ask a little more firmly noting that, “we like to take our shoes off in our house, we hope you are ok with this.”

slippersOnce people become aware of your house policy, most are happy to oblige. If you are hosting a party or having a lot of people to your home, it may be a good idea to let people know in advance to bring some slippers.

-The Alternative Daily

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