Add a Tropical Twist to Your Oral Hygiene with Coconut Oil

Add a Tropical Twist to Your Oral Hygiene with Coconut Oil

It is possible to swish away gum disease, bad breath, bleeding gums dull stained teeth with just a teaspoon of coconut oil a day. While this may sound somewhat crazy, it is completely true. The bonus is that coconut oil is completely natural, contains no dangerous fluoride but will prevent against tooth decay far better than anything else.

Oil pulling is not a new concept, in fact it has been around for thousands of years. Historically noted as an ancient Ayurvedic medicine a number of different oils have been used. Organic coconut oil is by far the most effective oil to use.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The health  benefits of coconut oil are numerous. Research indicates that coconut oil helps with numerous health conditions including stress relief, proper digestion, healthy metabolism, kidney stone relief, improved blood pressure, and weight loss, to name a few. These benefits are due to the health-giving  lauric, capric and caprylic acid in the oil. Coconut oil also has antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

What is Oil Pulling?

The process is incredibly simple. Before you put anything in your mouth in the morning, grab yourself a spoonful of coconut oil. It will taste weird at first and be kind of balled up in your mouth. Just work it around for a while, from side to side and it will become liquid. Swish the coconut oil around aggressively for abut 15 to 20 minutes and then spit it out. As you are working the oil, be sure to pull it through your teeth and get it all around your gum line. When you are done, spit it into the trash, not the sink. Oil will build up over time and may clog your pipes. Rinse your mouth with fresh water.

Add a Tropical Twist to Your Oral Hygiene with Coconut OilThere are over 500 different types of bacteria in your mouth. Some of these bacteria are good, and some are bad. Coconut oil has tremendous antibacterial properties and does a fantastic job eradicating the unwelcome bacteria that are left behind after brushing and flossing.

As long as there is bacteria in the mouth we will swallow them. As the bad bacteria settle in our digestive tract and bloodstream, they can cause a variety of problems. Coconut oil is especially useful in seeking out bad bacteria that hides in tooth sockets.

It will take a while to get used to the taste that the oil leaves in your mouth but do not let this discourage you. The benefits of oil pulling are far reaching. Your teeth will be so white, and your gums so healthy and pink that your dentist will be amazed.

Have you tried oil pulling before?

– The Alternative Daily

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