8 Ways to Beat a Bad Mood in 1 Minute or Less

Bad moods strike when we least expect them. Sometimes we have the time and alone space to relax and wait for them to pass, but other times, we need a quick and easy way to shake them off and move on with our day.

For these times, here are 8 things you can do to beat a bad mood in 1 minute or less!

1. Smile

Maybe you’ve heard it before, but it’s true! Smiling—even when you don’t feel like it—can make you feel better and even reduce stress levels. Your smiling face will also make those around you feel happier, keeping you all in better moods.

2. Make a quick list

Feeling frustrated or discouraged? Quick, grab a pen and paper and write down five things you’re thankful for. Having this list in front of you will lift your spirits by helping you focus on all the positive things you’ve got going on in your life.

3. Sniff some happy scents

Keep an essential oil or two on you to reach for when a bad mood strikes. Lemon, orange, and peppermint are known mood and energy boosters, while lavender can relax you if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

4. Compliment someone else

Being kind to others can be a huge mood booster, and giving someone a quick compliment is an easy way to do this. Just like smiling, this will make both you and the people around you happier!

5. Put on your favorite song

Everyone has that song that will make them feel happier no matter what mood they’re in. When you start feeling down, lean back, put in your headphones, and let your favorite happy melody cheer you up. For extra happiness points, sing along!

6. Just breathe

bad moodIf you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or irritable, one of the easiest and simplest remedies is to just stay where you are, close your eyes, and breathe deeply through your nose. Focus on the sensation of your breath as it enters through your nostrils, fills your chest and your belly, and then exits again through your nostrils. This practice will allow you to clear your mind and calm down.

7. Jump, hop, or dance

Get those happy chemicals—endorphins—pumping through your body by moving around. Do jumping jacks, run in place, or skip or dance around your room or office. These quick, simple, and fun movements will totally turn your mood around.

8. Grab a snack

Sometimes the cause of a bad mood is as simple as hunger or low blood sugar levels. This is likely to be a factor if you haven’t eaten in a while, or if you’ve been eating a diet high in simple carbs. Keep snacks full of protein and fat with you, like nuts, hummus, or cheese, and eat small amounts as needed.

A healthy and relaxed lifestyle which includes a nutritious diet, enough sleep, daily movement and meditation can prevent a lot of bad moods, but a few are bound to come around no matter how well you take care of yourself. Remember this list so that when they do, you’ll have your choice of easy and quick ways to beat them!

-The Alternative Daily


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