7 Alternatives to Live Christmas Trees

Are you allergic to real Christmas trees, or just ready for a more environmentally friendly way to decorate your home? Here are 7 great alternatives to a live Christmas tree.

Potted tree

A potted tree is a much more environmentally friendly option than a cut tree. Instead of throwing out a dead tree at the end of the holidays, you are left with a live tree, ready to be re-planted in your yard or somewhere else.

There are a few companies that even allow you to “rent” a potted tree for the season; at the close of the holidays, they pick up and plant it. You not only get to enjoy the smell and look of a live tree, but you are also helping out the environment.

Rosemary tree

A rosemary tree is a bush of rosemary trimmed to be shaped like a Christmas tree. It’s a great option if you are looking for a smaller tree that is still live. A rosemary tree not only makes your house smell great, it also can help spice up your holiday cooking. If taken care of properly, a rosemary tree can be kept for years.

Artificial tree

Although it is not the best thing for the environment, an artificial tree is always an option. Artificial trees come in all sizes, shapes, and even colors. They are a perfect no-maintenance tree that still has the look of a traditional Christmas tree. Some artificial trees even come pre-lit to save you some decorating time.

Teepee tree

A teepee tree is a DIY tree with a modern look. It is made by tying together several tall wooden poles to form a teepee. You then can wrap lights, garland, and beads around the poles to decorate your “tree”. A similar type of tree can be made using an old wooden ladder.

Wall tree

A wall tree is perfect if you are slim on space this year. You can make a tree on any blank wall using tape, decals, hanging branches, or even lights. This a great way to let your creative juices flow. Decorate your wall tree with virtually anything you can hang from stick-on wall hooks.

Hanging tree

Christmas branchA hanging tree is a little more complex DIY tree, but offers a great look to add Christmas style to your home. This tree is made by dangling christmas ornaments from your ceiling at different heights to form a tree shape.

Branch tree

A branch tree is another DIY Christmas tree option. It is made using a fallen limb or branch from a tree. The base of the branch is put in a sturdy pot, and quick crete is poured around the branch, holding it in place. The tree can then be decorated with lights and hanging ornaments.

Don’t let small spaces, allergies, environmental issues, or time get in the way this year. You no longer have an excuse not to have a tree!

-The Alternative Daily


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