5 Reasons Why Sweating is Healthy and What Happens When You Don’t

Many people view sweat as a nuisance: it can leave rings and stains on our clothes, and it often smells not-too-pleasant. However, sweating is a crucial biological function, and if we didn’t sweat, things could get very ugly very quickly.

The following are five reasons why our bodies need to sweat:

Sweating cools you down

Sweating is one of the primary ways in which the body cools itself. People who do not sweat, either due to a genetic disorder, another type of health condition or as a side effect of certain medications, are at risk of dangerously high body temperatures. If these individuals are not careful, they can suffer heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

In people who do not have these conditions, the higher the body temperatures gets, either due to weather, exercise or other factors, the more sweat is produced. This keeps our internal temperature balanced.

Sweating aids in detoxification

One of the body’s many channels of detoxification is through our skin. When we sweat, any pathogens or other toxins that are trapped in our pores are released. This helps us to enjoy radiant, clear skin and aids in the prevention of numerous skin conditions.

The detox aid that sweating provides is not only skin deep: according to health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, sweating may help the body to eliminate heavy metals and bisphenol-A (BPA) as well.

Sweating boosts immunity

The detoxification action of sweating aids the immune system in expelling pathogens from the body. When we get a fever, it serves to destroy the bacteria and viruses in our bodies that cannot survive high temperatures. When we subsequently sweat, that extra heat is released, along with the invaders.

Sweating may protect your kidneys

sweatLeading natural health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola explains that working up a sweat frequently through regular exercise may help to lower one’s risk of developing kidney stones. He hypothesizes that this is likely because of the salt released in the sweat, along with the extra water that gets consumed by people who exercise.

Sweating is a sign that your workout is effective

When we work up a sweat through a brisk walk, jog or bike ride, it is an indicator that our heart rate is up and our bodies are reaping the cardiovascular benefits of the workout. Just remember to keep adequately hydrated, to replace all of the fluids that your body loses through sweating.

Knowing how important sweating is to our health is just one more reason to avoid antiperspirants, along with the aluminum and dangerous chemicals that many of them contain. If you’re worried about the odor, rub some organic coconut oil mixed with a drop of your favorite essential oil under your arms – but don’t mess with the sweat itself.

-The Alternative Daily


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