49 Amazing Ways To Use Borax Around The House

Are you as obsessed as we are with making your own natural cleaning and self-care products? We could probably rattle off a hundred uses for baking soda, vinegar or coconut oil.

One ingredient you might not know so much about is borax. After you discover all its amazing uses below, you’ll never want to be without some in your cupboard.

What is borax, anyway?

Borax is the common name for the naturally occurring mineral salt, sodium borate. It is a water-soluble white powder used in the manufacturing of glass, ceramics and metals. It has fire retardant and antifungal properties. It is also an ingredient in insecticides, antiseptics, cosmetics and household products.

Borax was first discovered in Tibet hundreds of years ago and came into common use in the western world in the late 19th century when the commonly known Mule Team brand started importing it in large quantities.

Is borax safe?

When researching borax, there are some misconceptions about which specific chemical compound is being referred to. The substance sold under the name “borax” is sodium borate, or sodium tetraborate, and not boric acid, which is a harsher substance.

Borax does have some safety warnings, including potential eye and skin irritation with “repeated or prolonged excessive exposure,” and digestive upset if ingested in large amounts. However, most household substances such as vinegar, baking soda or salt could cause similar issues. So, to stay safe with borax, use common sense and keep it out of children’s reach.

Amazing ways to use borax

Once we started looking into it, we were surprised by all the common household frustrations that can be taken care of with borax. Read on to find some great ideas you might want to try out yourself.

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