4 Reasons Why Your Butt Should Be On an Exercise Ball Instead of a Desk Chair

4 Reasons Why Your Butt Should Be On an Exercise Ball Instead of a Desk Chair

It is just after lunch, and you find yourself slouching over your work desk. Your shoulders are curved, you have a pinch in your neck, and your arms feel tired. Perhaps you are aware of your poor posture, but by this time it is too late, the damage is done.

Poor posture results in nagging neck and back pain, headaches and overall muscle tension. While some people have stated standing, other have switched to a new kind of chair, an exercise ball chair. Although the jury is still indecisive as to whether or not the ball is a good thing, those that have switched note the following benefits.

Better Posture

Advocates for the exercise ball desk chair note that they have far better posture when they sit on the ball than when they sit in a chair. Because you must stabilize yourself on the ball, you are forced to sit up straight and actually pay attention to your body form.

Burn Calories

Because the body is engaged, you inevitably burn more calories sitting on an exercise ball than you do in a desk chair. The muscles are at work on the ball, not at rest like when you are in a chair. Small movements to keep yourself balanced means that there is always some physical activity going on. You can also roll away from your desk at any time, perform a few exercises, and get back to work. This makes your time on the ball worthwhile.

Clearer Thinking

Those that are kinesthetic learners may find that bouncing on the ball improves their thinking process. The gentle bouncing movement is perfect for those who like to be in motion or busy while they think.

Stress Reduction

Bouncing lightly on the ball while at your desk is a terrific way to divert stress. The focus on stabilizing yourself takes over when you bounce and stress dissipates, according to ball users.

4 Reasons Why Your Butt Should Be On an Exercise Ball Instead of a Desk ChairTips for Finding the Right Ball

Not just any exercise ball will do. It is essential to find the correct size ball. Aim for a ball that allows your thighs to slope slightly downwards and not be at 90 degrees. The ball should also be tall enough that your position at your desk is ergonomically correct and you are not balancing your wrists on your keyboard. You can opt for a ball or a ball chair which is essentially a ball inserted into a rolling base. Some of these have lumbar support, which many users recommend for long duration at the desk.

How to Use a Ball Chair

As with any change, it is best to begin slowly. Don’t toss your chair to the curb right away. Start by spending a couple of hours each day on the chair and gradually increase your time until you are sitting most of the day on the ball. This will give your body time to adjust. Don’t be surprised if you are a little sore the day after your first day sitting on the ball.

Have you tried an exercise ball as your desk chair yet?

– The Alternative Daily

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