3 Steps to a Perfect Packed Lunch

Whether you’re packing lunch for a child on their way to school, an adult heading to work or the whole family out on the town – or running errands – for the day, the basic rules to a successful lunchbox experience remain the same. The meal must provide tasty nutrition, energy and sustenance to fuel the afternoon ahead.

The following are three basics to consider when putting together the perfect mid-day meal on-the-go.

Never underestimate the power of leftovers

The lunchbox is a great place to make use of delicious leftovers, including stew, stir fry or your favorite gluten-free pasta dish. Having these offerings readily available for packing lunches is one of the many reasons to cook in bulk and freeze portions for later use. Not only do leftovers make for a hearty meal, they also save you time in the morning.

Don’t forget the spoon or fork, and for messier dishes, a side of gluten-free bread can help to sop up the sauce. To compliment a stir fry, pack a dried seaweed wrap – highly nutritious, and fun.

Fruits and veggies to the rescue

No lunch is complete without fresh, raw fruits and/or veggies. If you (or your child) is tired of simple carrot sticks and celery, try packing some snap peas or radishes instead. Your favorite fruits can be cubed and stored in a container ready to enjoy – this is particularly convenient for fruits and veggies that don’t work as well in whole form, such as mangos, which can be too large, but in cube form are just right.

To make fruits and vegetables more exciting to eat, add a cup of dipping sauce on the side. Homemade hummus or salsa make a perfect veggie complement, and fruits dipped in raw honey or plain Greek yogurt are just divine.

packDon’t forget the thermos

A thermos filled with brewed green tea, or a freshly-squeezed juice, can really round out a satisfying meal. Alternatively, you could pack a serving of delicious homemade soup to add a comfort factor while amping up nutritional content.

-The Alternative Daily

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