3 Great Reasons to Drink White Tea

Almost everyone knows how healthy green tea is, but what about white tea? Some say it’s the “new green,” but don’t toss out those emerald colored leaves just yet. Both teas offer a wide range of benefits for body and mind, but white does have a few unique advantages.

According to Oregon State University researchers, because white teas are unfermented and made from very young tea leaves or buds that are steamed immediately after harvest, they naturally contain higher concentrations of catechins than other teas and also have more powerful anti-cancer properties as compares to more processed teas.

Potent virus fighting properties

Studies out of Pace University revealed there are good reasons to be enthusiastic about white tea. Past research found that while green tea helps to boost the immune system to battle disease, studies on white tea are showing that the extract has the ability to destroy organisms in vitro that cause disease, offering multiple healing properties. In addition, white team may be more effective in fighting viruses.

White tea has also been shown to have greater antibacterial effects to help the immune system battle off infection as well as to prevent plaque by reducing the numbers of bacteria in the mouth. It also contains more of the amino acid L-theanine which provides a relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress, which in turn helps to strengthen the immune system even more.

Anti-aging from the inside out

Research from London’s Kingston University found even more impressive benefits of white tea. Professor Declan Naughton from the School of Life Sciences said white tea may be best for reducing the risk of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and even slowing the aging process from the inside out.

He notes that it has excellent anti-aging potential as well as a high level of antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. During their research the university tested the health properties of more than 20 plant and herb extracts, discovering that white tea outperformed them all by a considerable margin.

Their results found that white tea was able to prevent enzyme activities that break down elastin and collagen, leading to wrinkles and older-looking skin. The extracts of white tea help to protect these structural proteins of the skin, supporting the body’s natural elasticity which also helps improve skin, lungs, arteries and ligament functioning.

But how does it taste?

White tea tastes different than green tea, with a smoother, gentler and ever-so-slightly sweet taste that many people prefer. Of course, those who like green tea better will still get lots of health benefits from sipping their favorite hot beverage.

teaWhether you choose green or white, it’s important to go organic as the tea plant readily absorbs fluoride from pesticides.

-The Alternative Daily

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