21 Creative Ways to Show You Care on a Dime

For Valentines Day and every day, let someone know they are loved. Remember, actions speak louder than words. If you’re unsure where to start, you can begin by giving the gift of your time.

In the end, it is not about giving extravagant or costly gifts. It is all about love and your actions of love. Check out the following 21 ways to say “I love you” – aside from actually saying it!

1. Make breakfast. Cook up some pancakes in the shape of hearts, and serve them to your sweetheart in bed.

2. Message in a bottle. Write sweet love notes, roll them up, put them in a bottle, and place the bottle where your sweetheart is sure to find it.

3. Draw a bath for your special someone. Add some bubbles, light some candles and play some soft music. Oh, and don’t forget a glass of wine.

4. Send sweet, loving texts at random times throughout the day.

5. Give a back rub. After a long, stressful day, give your love a relaxing back rub and don’t expect one in return.

6. Leave a sweet note on the bathroom mirror. It will be the first thing they see in the morning.

7. Go on a picnic. Pack up a basket with their favorite food, a bottle of wine and a blanket.

8. Turn off all electronics. That means everything, including the phone. Spend some uninterrupted time with each other.

9. Create a romantic dinner at home. Pull out all the stops. Plan the meal together and get dressed up. After dinner, play some romantic music and dance in your living room.

10. Watch a romantic movie like “An Officer and a Gentleman,” “Casablanca,” or “The Way We Were.” Put in your DVD, push play and get some snuggle time.

11. Fill a bag with kisses. Write down every kind of kiss you can think of… a kiss on the cheek, a passionate kiss, a peck… on little pieces of paper and put them in a bag. At random times during the day, have your loved one pull one out – then give them whatever kiss is written on the paper.

12. Make a list detailing some of the things you love about your sweetheart and why you are thankful for them. Show them the list over a candlelit dinner.

13. Learn how to say “I love you” in different languages. Whisper them in your sweetheart’s ear throughout the day.

14. Set the ringtone on their phone to a romantic song…”I Will Always Love You,” “Because You Loved Me, ” or any of their favorites. When you call them, think of the smile it will bring to their face.

15. Set the screensaver on your love’s computer, so when they turn it on, “I Love You” pops up.

16. Create a gushy, romantic card and mail it to them the day before Valentine’s Day.

valentines317. Make a mixtape. It could be of their favorite songs, or romantic songs. Either way, you can’t go wrong with music.

18. Give them a book of coupons that can be redeemed at any time. The coupons can be for a back rub, doing the dishes, extra cuddle time… use you imagination.

19. Design a photo collage of your time together. Look through your old photos and create a visual display of the progression of the time you’ve been together.

20. Make a heart shaped cake and write “I Love You” on top in icing.

21. Spend the day doing nothing, but do it together. No housework, yard work, answering phones, emails… nothing. Do nothing but enjoy each others company.

Don’t ever underestimate the power and importance of simple acts of kindness, and simple expressions of love. The giving of your personal time is more valuable than any flowers or chocolate. Give your Valentine the gift of you.

Make this your best Valentine’s Day ever, and who knows? Maybe you and your partner will soon begin making every day Valentine’s Day!

-The Alternative Daily

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