19 Things to NEVER Put on Your Christmas Tree

Sure, we know that you want to be as creative as possible with your tree this year. However, sometimes it can get a little crazy. Here are 19 things that should NEVER be put on your Christmas tree:

Open flames. You’re just asking for a fire.

Anything over 5 pounds. Do you want your tree to tip over?

cat in a knitted sweater with gifts at Christmas treePets. Even if the dog enjoys watching, I am sure the cat does not want to be the star on top of the tree.

Motion sensored ornaments. The ones that sing and dance can drive you more insane than your in-laws.

Popcorn. Ok, it may be cute and old fashioned, but what if you get hungry?

Candy. Kinda falls in line with the popcorn.

Easter eggs. Wrong holiday!

Christmas tree decoration with santa claus dollCreepy Santa ornaments. It’s bad enough that he knows when your sleeping; why would you want 30 pairs of creepy Santa eyes staring you down while you open presents?

Stockings. They’re supposed to go over the fireplace. Duh.

Fruits and veggies. This may seem like a creative way to show off your healthy lifestyle, but what happens when the bananas go brown, or you get hungry again?

Underwear. That’s just not cool.

A tree skirt. That’s supposed to go UNDER the tree.

Holiday SquirrelSquirrels. Wrong kind of nutcracker. We saw how this went for the Griswalds.

Chaser lights. That’s just a little too psychedelic for the living room.

Children. I know they’re driving you nuts, but tying them to the tree is a bad idea.

Pumpkins. Halloween is over.

Barbies. That’s just really creepy.

Toilet paper. Just go buy some ribbon.

Hats and gloves. It’s a tree, not a snowman.

-The Alternative Daily

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