17 Most Shocking Images From Hawaii’s Volcano Eruption

This past week, the Kilauea volcano erupted and has been blowing toxic steam and releasing lava. Kilauea is the world’s largest active volcano and it is located on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Geologists are now warning that a possible explosion of the summit could be the largest in over 100 years. In fact, the National Park which surrounds the caldera has been shut down indefinitely over fears of flying boulders the size of cars which can shoot out as fast as 125 m.p.h.

These fears are intensifying over the higher lava levels in the volcano drain. When the molten rock gets as high as groundwater levels, the pressurized steam can cause explosions, making the situation far more dangerous.

There have been confirmed reports of the volcano sending walls of lava into houses and cars. Additionally, there has been acid rain across the island. Sadly, officials are reporting that this could only be the beginning of the region’s problems if the eruption intensifies.

Thankfully, there have been no reported injuries thus far. That being said, here are 17 of the most shocking images that have been released.

1. A road covered in lava

2. House is destroyed by lava

3. Lava flowing over road

4. Lava in the main vent

5. Ground cracks from the eruption

#FastRepost from @usgs by @fastrepost_app ••• Kīlauea Volcano Update — From May 10, 2018, there’s been a pause in the eruption, but ground cracks are widening and new steaming areas have appeared. ▫️ 1️⃣At 7:43 a.m. HST. Geologist examines steaming crack in property on Ala`ili Road.  2️⃣At 08:08 a.m. HST. Geologist photographs a steaming crack about 50 meters (164 feet) west of Highway 130 in an area of earlier cracking. 3️⃣At 1:23 p.m. HST. New steaming area opens on Hwy 130. Cracks which crossed Hwy 130 yesterday are marked by the barriers in the distance. 4️⃣At 1:54 p.m., HST. Geologist inspects a crack that widened considerably in the past day on Old Kalapana Road. In other areas, new cracks have appeared along sections of Highway 130 in the past day, some with fume escaping. ▫️ ➡️Keep up to date with what’s happening in Hawaii at: https://go.usa.gov/xQRXj #usgs #science #volcano #volcanoes #hawaii #kilauea #kilaueavolcano #eruption #hvo #hawaiivolcanoesnationalpark

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6. Lava flowing in Leilani Estates, a nearby town

Please pray for my island ❤️ I’m so torn by this. Seeing so many peoples lives change in an instant. Losing their homes and becoming completely displaced with no shelter or food breaks my heart. On the other hand the Island is alive and although I believe in God I do respect my Native Hawaiian Ancestry and the belief in the Goddess Pele and that this is her land, and we are only caretakers. Our island is still young and growing. ::: For those that are ignorant and mock those that live there; please be respectful. Many ppl who live there have lived there for generations and it is Home ❤️ ::: Mahalo @thewongone808 for using his resources to help the island that so many of us love ❤️ ::: One thing I do love about our culture is everyone helps each other. Natural disasters no matter what island we all help and stand together. #hawaiiismyhome #prayforpuna #heartbreaking #kilauea #ehawaiiekuuonehanaue #imua #hawaiitowashington #hehawaiiau #hawaii #maui #lanai #molokai #kahoolawe #oahu #kauai #niihau

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7. Lava shooting up

8. Lava eruption

9. Lava flowing in a residential area

10. Smoke from the summit

11. Lava

12. Lava flows near a house

Más de una semana de actividad del volcán Kilauea en Hawaii que nos ha dejado imágenes impresionantes de los ríos de lava. #kilauea #hawaii #volcano #volcan #naturephotography #fire #photooftheday #amazing #like4like #look #instalike #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instacool #webstagram #colorfull #tamagochiAB

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13. Helicopter shot of the lava flow in a residential area

14. Smoke from the eruption

15. Lava flows through trees

16. Photo taken at the Volcano House Hotel nearby

17. A Leilani Estates resident finds lava spewing in backyard

— PJ Amirata

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