15 Survival Skills You Need to Teach Your Kids Right NOW

It is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children the skills that they will need throughout their lives. In our modern world of prepackaged food and general convenience, survival skills sometimes do not enter our minds, as many of us rarely use them.

However, the thing about survival skills is that you never know when you may need them. It is obviously better to know a certain necessary skill, such as starting a fire, in case of an emergency than to be stuck without the knowledge. If you learn how and the emergency never happens, consider yourself lucky!

The following are 15 survival skills it is crucial to teach your children:

How to grow a garden. Every child needs to understand how to plant a seed and harvest fruits and vegetables. The best way to start teaching this is to plant a home garden. Encourage your kids to learn and understand how to grow food. You will not only be instilling a great survival lesson, you will also have fresh food for the table.

How to forage. This lesson can be taught to kids simply by taking them on nature walks. When you come across edible or poisonous plants, point them out to your child. Encourage children to keep a journal with sketches and descriptions of each plant for future reference.

smoked tourist kettleHow to build and cook on a fire. This survival skill is great to teach on a camping trip. Teach your child how to build and start a fire using both matches and flint. Help your kids to understand how to cook on a fire, and determine when food is read to eat.

How to use a knife properly. Teach your kids how to carry, handle and safely use a knife for everyday tasks.

How to find and clean water. Help kids learn to locate water sources, and how to purify and clean the water by using filters and boiling. This is another skill that is great to teach while camping.

Basic first aid. Teach your kids basic first aid in case it is ever needed. Everyone should know how to treat a small wound and tie a sling.

Basic sewing. This one should be taught to kids so they can make and mend clothing or bags when needed.

How to find or build shelter. This can be made into a fun adventure by helping your kids build a “fort” to play in. Teach them the importance of a shelter in a survival situation and how to find shelter when needed.

Portrait of hiking caucasian boy and girlHow to read a map and compass. Teach this to kids by making the lesson into a treasure hunt. Draw up a map marking the location of the treasure, and help them understand the directions.

How to eat healthy and stay in shape. Your kids need to know what is healthy to eat and how to stay fit. If you are not in good shape, you will struggle in a survival situation.

How to trade, barter and bargain. This is important to teach your kids so they understand how to acquire necessities. Teach them bargaining at yard sales and encourage them to trade toys with each other.

Basic woodworking. Teaching your kids some basic carpentry is always a great idea. If you can work with wood, you can build almost anything.

Firearm safety. If you keep guns in your home, or are involved in hunting or shooting sports, teach your children the dangers of guns, how a gun works and how to manage one safely.

Self defense. Teach your kids some basic self defense moves, such as how to get out of a grip. This could save your child’s life in a survival situation.

Two little girl feeding chickensHow to raise and care for animals. Teaching your kid’s the responsibility of having a pet is very important. Teaching them how to raise animals for food is another great lesson. If you do not have room for livestock, consider keeping a few chickens or rabbits for your children to care for.

-The Alternative Daily


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