15 Low Cost Gifts to Make Fido Happy

Finding the right gift for your furry friend is easy. Go ahead and spoil him with a ball, some cute clothes and a yummy treat. Here are a few ideas that are sure to make your mutt happy this holiday season.

    • Rogz Grinz Ball…What a great idea! A ball your dog can play fetch with, and it will put a smile on his face… literally!

  • The Dogbrella…How about a dogbrella to protect your little pooch from getting wet?
  • Rain boots…The dogbrella might keep your pooch’s body dry, but he will need some boots to keep his paws dry.
  • Rain coat…Even more rain gear. If you were not opting for the dogbrella, a nice rain jacket would come in handy for those rainy walks.
  • Elevated food and water bowls…Your dog will no longer have to strain his neck when eating or drinking.
  • Doggie hoodie… This will keep Rover nice and warm while he’s romping through the hood…the neighborhood that is.
  • A rope toy… No matter the shape of these hearty chew toys, every dog loves them.
  • Doggie bed… It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something he can call his own. A bonus with this gift is, he’ll stay out of your bed… hopefully.
  • Personalized collar…Play it safe and get a personalized dog collar with you pooch’s information. That way if he should decide to go on a run without you, you will have peace of mind.
  • Leash…Spot will need a matching leash to go with his new collar
  • Dog bones…What dog doesn’t like a crunchy dog bone every now and then?
  • Kong Dog Biscuit Ball…This ball has four bone-shaped holes to hide his favorite biscuits in. The puncture resistant ball will keep your pooch happy for hours.
  • Plush animal…When you’re not home to snuggle with Fido, he can have his very own plush toy to snuggle with. If he’s not into snuggling, he can just tear it apart.
  • Frisbee…Playing Frisbee with your dog benefits you both. You’re enjoying the outdoors and getting exercise at the same time….and your hound thought the Frisbee was for him.
  • Gifts and christmas tree in front of two dogsSqueaky rubber chicken… Most dogs are hunters by nature. If you leave this chicken around, he’ll be so proud of his hunting skills.
  • Hide a squirrel plush toy…A plush tree trunk comes with 3 plush squirrels. This toy helps your pup use problem-solving thinking. How is he going to get those squirrels out? (There are replacement squirrels available for when he finally does.)
  • A dog brush…What pooch doesn’t like a good brushing? Not only will you get rid of all that extra hair, he will also be getting all that love from you with every stroke of the brush on his fur.

-The Alternative Daily

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