12 Ways to EAT More Water

The average person needs 6-8 cups of water per day just to stay hydrated. Drinking this amount of water is possible, however, it is challenging for most people to squeeze it all in. Eating your water is another option. Try to include as many water-dense foods as possible into your diet to help you reach your daily water goal.

Here are 12 water-filled foods you are sure to love:


Cucumbers have the highest amount of water in them than any other food. 96% of a cucumber is water. Add cucumbers to salads, soups, smoothies, juices, or eat them raw to reap the water benefits.


Watermelon, hence the name, is 92% water. This tasty summer fruit is perfect raw, in salads, soups, smoothies and juices. If you make a smoothie with watermelon, remember not to add as much liquid as normal.


Celery is about 95% water. This crunchy veggie works great in soups and salads as well as in smoothies and juices. Eating celery raw is great too because it burns plenty of calories just chewing this crunchy treat. Try dipping celery in some homemade hummus for a great mid-day hydrating snack.


Spinach is a superfood on so many levels. Each little green leaf is about 96% water. Who knew a tasty salad could contain so much liquid?! Spinach is also great in green smoothies and juices.


Cabbage is full of water – coming in at about 93%. This tasty veggie should definitely be a huge part of your diet not only for the water, but also for it’s high fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. Try adding cabbage to every salad you eat as well as your green smoothies and juices.


Oranges are near the top of the charts with about 87% water in each delicious fruit. The possibilities with eating oranges is endless. Smoothies and juices are great with a citrus twist. Adding oranges to meat dishes is also very tasty.


Strawberries are definitely a favorite fruit for most people. And with 92% water, they should be! Strawberries are great in smoothies, juices and salads. Making dessert with them is also widely popular. Just remember to make gluten-free shortcake!


Radishes are one of those superfoods that don’t get a lot of attention. But with 95% water content, they definitely should be. Add these spicy treats to juices and salads for an extra kick and great hydration.


Raspberries are an ultra tasty and ultra healthy food, and not just for their high level of antioxidants. Raspberries are about 87% water. Salads, smoothies and desserts are just a few ideas for these yummy fruits.


Ice fruitGrapefruits are a favorite from the citrus family. These lovely fruits are about 91% water. Grapefruit is great in salads, but eating them raw is also great. Try sprinkling a bit of coconut sugar on half a grapefruit for a super hydrating snack.


Cranberries are a holiday favorite. However, we should eating them year round. With about 87% water, they make a great hydrating snack in the raw, and are also perfect in salads and juices.


Tomatoes are everyone’s garden favorite. No wonder Each plant needs so much water. Every fruit is 94% water. There are so many great ways to enjoy tomatoes. Salads, soups, salsa, juices, sandwiches and on meat dishes are just a few.

-The Alternative Daily

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