12 Puppy Pics to Make You Smile

Your car broke down, you’re going through a bad breakup, the pipes in your house burst, you found out you need a root canal… Whatever regrettable hardship you’re going through in your life right now, you could certainly use a pick me up, and there’s nothing like some precious pups to make you smile.

A brighter day is coming your way!

afgan dog







Just bask in that fabulous hair and accept the fact that this pooch is queen of everything.

dog teeth



Someone told him to “say cheese.” He thought that meant he’d be getting some in the near future. Poor thing just REALLY wants that cheese.

Two dogs lying in leaves



Something happened here… those are not faces of innocence.

holiday pet concept, dog in flying glasses



Do not crush this poor dog’s dreams. All she ever wanted to do was become the first K-9 pilot. She figured that adopting the look is the first step to success.

Little kitten playing with big dog



BFFs! This kindly pup is certainly not pretending to be afraid. Obviously the kitten has some mad skills.

Painted Pooch



This little baby seems just as confused as we are. How exactly did this come to pass?

Books and puppy



She’s a literary genius, but even she finds book snobs pretentious.

the dog ate my homework




For once you actually can blame the dog for eating your homework!

a group of dogs with party hats on



What even… ? Half up them are doped up on milk bones. This was apparently a wild party that none of them will remember the next day.

Dog taking a bath in a bathtub




Yay!! Nothing like getting clean after rolling around in mud and eating cat poop.

pet santa christmas holiday gift



Very important studies are happening. He is most definitely NOT watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

Lama chewing flower, Arequipa, Peru




Bonus picture: So technically this is not a puppy, but this llama’s adorableness shall not be denied.


Laughter is the best medicine – don’t be afraid to overdose!

-The Alternative Daily

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