11 Reasons to Stand on Your Head

Headstand (Sirsasana) is often called the king of all yoga poses because it provides so many benefits. Here are 11 reasons to practice standing on your head.

Increases Your Focus

Whenever you invert, the blood flow to your brain increases. This can help to improve concentration, focus, and mental functioning in general, allowing you to keep your mind clear and sharp.

Reduces Stress

The concentration and focus required to practice headstand forces you to turn your attention inwards, which is extremely beneficial for those feeling anxiety, stress, fear or other worries.

Strengthens Shoulders and Upper Arms

Headstand requires enough strength in the shoulders, upper arms, and back, to support the weight of your entire body, very little weight should actually be on the head. Practice this posture if you want to tone and strengthen these areas.

Helps with Fluid Retention

Fluid retention and swelling in the feet and legs tends to happen when you spend a long time sitting or standing. Inverted postures like headstand reverse these effects by literally turning you upside-down, and flushing out built up fluid and toxins in the feet and legs.

Develops Core Strength

Core strength is the number one requirement to practicing headstand, as it’s what allows you to both get into the posture, and to stay balanced in it once you’re upside down. Practicing this posture will make your abs and back very strong, and having a stable core makes you more resilient and less likely to injure yourself.

Gives You a Free Facelift

When you practice headstand, fresh nutrients, blood, and oxygen flow to your face, giving you that famous yoga glow. Being upside down also allows your face to hang in a different direction than normal, creating a natural facelift.

Improves Your Circulation

When your heart is below your head, it has to work hard to pump blood upward to the brain. When you practice headstand, you give your heart a rest.

Improves Digestion

Headstands are beneficial for digestion, as they stimulate the pituitary gland, which is partly responsible for a healthy digestive system. Being upside down can also help to get stuck material moving, release gases, and improve blood flow to the all of the digestive organs.

It’ll Make You Happy

Practicing headstands can make you feel happier, since the increased blood flow to your brain has a natural energizing and calming effect on the body. Headstands also cleanse and detox your adrenal glands, leaving you with less depression and more positive energy.

It’s Empowering

headstandHeadstand is empowering because it demands that you conquer your fear of going upside down, falling or losing control. The posture is also incredibly challenging and often requires people to stay motivated and keep practicing until they can do the pose. After so much physical and emotional work, finally being able to practice headstand feels amazing.

Impress Your Friends

If none of the other excellent reasons are good enough to convince you, consider that doing a headstand can impress just about anyone. Break it out whenever you’re in a situation that needs a little livening up!

-The Alternative Daily


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