11 Natural Remedies for Common Seasonal Ailments

11 Natural Remedies for Common Seasonal Ailments

Have you ever heard of the phrase: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Studies show that by popping a pill in times of intense discomfort  may actually help you lose the ability to care for yourself. Sometimes you can find natural remedies around your house to help common ailments and they may help boost your immune system.

11 Natural Remedies for Common Seasonal Ailments
If you are looking for a simple guide to possibly assist with those unwanted and unavoidable problems, you may have found your answer. Here are 11 herbs and extracts that can help your body get over some of the most common ailments. We have also down the legwork and provided links for you to go direct to the source and purchase them.

1. Constipation
Take two to four 500 mg tablets of Triphala before you fall asleep at night.

Steep Meadowsweet as a tea and drink once a day.

3. Intestinal Gas
After lunch or dinner, chew on Fennel which helps to reduce spasms.
You can purchase fennel at your local organic market or grow your own. You can buy seeds here  http://www.cooksgarden.com/herbs/fennel/

4. Indigestion
Cook Wild Yam Root in cool water for 15 minutes and pour into an ice tray. Add the chunk of ice to boiling water and drink the mixture as much as needed.

5. Common Cold
Take a teaspoon of Echinacea root glycerite liquid every few hours, reducing as the systems begin to go away.

6. Sore Throat
Make a tea from the dried herb, Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis).

7. Cough 
Take Umckalaobo as drops, syrup or chewable tablets.

8. Nasal Congestion
Place Goldenrod extract beneath the tongue until nasal passages are clear.

9. Headaches Dab Lavender Oil on your temples and rub around your hairline.

10. Arthritis
Take 300 mg of Bowellia three times a day, with food.

11. Earache
Place three drops of Garlic and Mullein Oil in the affected ear.

– The Alternative Daily


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