10 Possible Cancer Signs Women Should Not Ingnore

While men are more likely to ignore cancer symptoms and avoid going to the doctor, it doesn’t mean that all women are vigilant about getting their recommended health checkups.

Younger women may ignore symptoms with the thought that cancer is something that afflicts older people. While it’s true that people who are older are more often diagnosed with the disease, there are quite a few younger people who get cancer as oncologist Mary Daly, MD notes.

Some deliberately ignore symptoms with the belief that cancer is incurable so there is no need to waste time getting it checked out anyway.

Of course, there is also no need to worry about every little thing either. Needless worrying and stress isn’t good for our health – instead, developing a healthy balance between denial and hypochondria is the best course of action.

If you do have cancer, the earlier you’re treated, the easier the disease is to treat. To help you to become aware of when it’s important to call your doctor, here is a look at ten possible cancer symptoms that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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