Your Breath and Belly Bugs Could Determine Obesity

Your Breath and Belly Bugs Could Determine Obesity

Could what is living inside your belly actually be causing it to expand? A new study out of Cedars-Sinai suggests that people who have a high concentration of hydrogen and methane gases in their breath are more likely to have a higher body mass index and an elevated percentage of body fat. The presence of methane is due to an ensuing battle between good gut bacteria and unhealthy gut bacteria. When the harmful bacteria are winning, the methane is released. Even though, we can not see this war, we need to be concerned that it is going on.

When healthy gut bacteria are overwhelmed by a particular organism known as M. smithii it causes a complete disruption which could lead to weight gain. These bacteria take hydrogen from other bacteria to create methane. In turn, other hydrogen producing bacteria become prolific and start taking nutrients from food which, over time, may result in added pounds. In short, this imbalance causes a person to hang on to more calories from their food.

Previous research out of the University of Maryland demonstrated the link between genetic factors and the type of bacteria in the digestive tract that may predispose some people towards being overweight. It appears as though people with less bacterial diversity may be prone to obesity. This could have a significant impact on how screening for obesity is conducted and how weight management is approached

Why Healthy Gut Bacteria is Vital

The results of these two studies clearly indicate the dramatic impact that the biodiversity of gut flora has on health. Besides a possible predisposition towards obesity, an imbalance in the bacteria in the digestive system wreaks havoc on our immune system response. The human gastrointestinal tract is host to about 70% of the immune system. When things go wrong down there, the whole body is at risk. Reducing the “bad” bacteria and regaining balance requires an infilling of “good” bacteria. Because so much of what we consume today is dead food, it is vital to replenish our healthy bacteria so that the gut Your Breath and Belly Bugs Could Determine Obesitystays strong to defend us from foreign invaders.


A healthy gut is a happy gut, and we can boost the friendly bacteria counts in our digestive system a couple of ways. Consuming foods such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut and miso that have a number of healthy bacteria in them is a beneficial pursuit that will help increase the good bacteria. A recent study also indicated that eating apples regularly helps to produce short chain fatty acids that create an ideal environment for re establishing belly balance. In addition to consuming probiotic-rich foods, we can take a high quality probiotic supplement such as ProX10 which boosts healthy bacteria counts and restores immune system functionality. You can purchase ProX10 Here.

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