How to Stop a Panic Attack Before It Starts… Naturally

Panic attacks are the worst. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to suffer one, you know. If you have them on a regular basis, then you know that anything you can do to prevent these little monstrosities from coming on is welcome.

While there are a variety of medications prescribed for anxiety and other conditions which include panic attacks, many of these can have dangerous side effects – and some can leave you feeling tired, spaced out, or jittery.

It is every adult’s personal choice how to manage their panic attacks, but it is worth it to your health to consider natural preventative options first, before going the route of medications.

Here are a few natural strategies you can employ to help stop a panic attack before it starts.

Learn and practice deep breathing, yoga, t’ai chi, and/or meditation

When in the midst of a panic attack, any sufferer knows that it is important to control your breath, by breathing slowly and deeply. However, if you are versed in the practices of relaxation and deep breathing before a panic attack hits, your body and mind will be ready.

Look into guided meditation sessions, yoga or t’ai chi classes, or mindfulness groups in your area. If you make a habit of these ancient stress-release methods, you’ll likely be able to deal with any panic attacks much more efficiently and quickly – and it’s possible you may stop getting them altogether.

Arm yourself with herbs and essential oils

There are many herbs, such as valerian root, passion flower, kava kava root and chamomile that can help prevent the onset of a panic attack.

Many essential oils, such as lavender, cedarwood and ylang ylang, can also help fight panic, both when mixed into coconut oil and applied to pressure points, and diffused around the room as aromatherapy.

Note: Before starting any treatment with herbs or essential oils, check with a health professional that you trust.

Immerse yourself in a distracting game or activity

essential oilsIf you’re prone to panic attacks, it may help to have a distracting activity on hand, to occupy your mind when you start feeling those twinges of panic. This could be a Rubix Cube, a Sudoku puzzle, or even a favorite Smartphone game… anything that mentally occupies you enough that you forget your panic.

Find some support

If you’re really struggling with panic attacks, it can do a whole lot of good to find someone you trust to talk to. Friends and family are great, but they may sometimes be too close to you to be able to offer objective help.

Finding a counselor that you can easily talk to, and trust, may take some time, but it’s worth the search, as it may greatly benefit your journey to relief and recovery.

-The Alternative Daily

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