Do You Have An ‘M’ On Your Palm? Here’s What It Means

The four main lines

Palm reading looks at four main lines, then other smaller details
Palm reading looks at four main lines, then smaller details.

Your hands are made up of dozens of lines and curves. Palm readers tend to focus on four main lines and build their understanding of your life from there:

  • Head line: this line represents how your mind works, including learning and communication with others. Palmists may also be able to tell if you’re more in tune with your “left” brain (analytical) or “right” brain (creative).
  • Life line: despite popular belief, this line has little to do with the length of your life. Palmists may instead find insight about your general health and wellbeing, along with major events that could disrupt your life, like injuries or relocations.
  • Love line: this represents love, attraction and heart health. Palmists are said to be able to tell how you are in love and what your emotional life looks like.
  • Fate line: this is believed to be tied to your life path, including education and career. This line also includes successes and obstacles on your journey.
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