The Jake Carney Show Ep 10: Hillary Clinton Re-running for President

On today’s podcast, we talk about Hillary Clinton Re-running for President, Appropriate Wedding Attire, and Flip Cup vs Beer Pong

Jake and special guest Matt D’Lando have a man debate on whether or not it is appropriate to not wear a suit jacket to a wedding. Matt recently tied the knot and feels it is crucial to wear a full suit out of respect to the bride and groom. Jake feels full attire is cliché. Do you think men should be fully suited at a wedding? Is it disrespectful to not wear a jacket or a tie? What if you give the newlyweds $1,000; do you still have to wear a suit jacket?

Jake brings a great topic to the table. Should kids be required to go to college if they are making money before they graduate high school? If a kid is making a few thousand a year, like many influencers are, should they still go to college? How much money would your child have to make to skip college?

Speaking of college, which sport did you dominate; flip cup or beer pong? Those are sports right? Matt tells us about his experience at the table!

Our content writer PJ, gives us the headlines. Trump recently tweeted about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2020. Should she run again? Would you vote for her? Does she have a chance at winning?

Would you like to see Hillary Clinton run again for president?
Do you have to wear a suit jacket to a wedding?
If you’re kid opened their own successful business, would you make them go to college?

Find out as Jake Carney and Matt D’Lando answer all these questions and more on today’s podcast. 


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