How to Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice with so many benefits it is difficult to list them all. Just a few are better sleep, reduced stress, improved mental clarity, boosted immunity, self-discipline and even relief from pain. Aside from these key benefits, one important aspect of life that can be greatly enhanced by yoga is sex.

Some of the more obvious ways that the regular practice of yoga can improve your intimate time is by increasing your flexibility and making you more in touch with your own body.

It can also provide ideas for a plethora of inventive positions (and the skills to achieve them), as well as allow you to move more gracefully, elongate your body and limbs and make you feel more sexy all-around.

Practicing yoga can also lead to better orgasms – for both men and women. Many yoga poses help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which can both lead to greater bodily control and more intense orgasm. For men, some yoga traditions train the male to experience a “whole-body” orgasm, making the experience of sex more pleasurable and also longer-lasting.

Another way that yoga can contribute to enhanced sexual pleasure is by providing you with control over your breath. When breathing is centered and focused, it is easier to stay in the moment, and also to focus on the sensation at hand.

Also, many people tend to tense up just before climax, and yoga can train you to relax these muscles that would otherwise contract, allowing more oxygen to flow through, resulting in increased pleasure.

The tradition of Tantra Yoga emphasizes connection to the universe, and fully experiencing all aspects of consciousness. This tradition incorporates multiple sciences and philosophies on physical, mental and cosmic planes, and when incorporated into the bedroom has the potential to take sex to a whole new level of energy flow between lovers.

hand of  woman meditating in a yoga pose on beach at sunsetAnother yogic tradition, Kundalini Yoga, centers on the concepts of awareness, focus and balance. It is based upon the mastery of the will over multifaceted energies of the body, mind and emotions. Kundalini Yoga too can turn a simple romp in the hay into a fully aware exploration of each other.

So, if you’re looking for a way to spice things up between you and your partner, taking a yoga class together, or learning about it at home via videos or books and practicing by yourselves, may be rewarding indeed.

-The Alternative Daily


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