Are You Eating a Happy Breakfast?

Eating breakfast is important for starting your day off right, but what you’re consuming during that morning meal can make the difference between enjoying a happiness-filled day or one that makes you feel miserable.

While stopping in at the Golden Arches for a quick breakfast probably won’t make you suicidal, feeding your body junk doesn’t do much for your mood. In fact, you’re more likely to feel poorly and maybe even make those around you pretty gloomy too.

Consuming refined or processed carbs, such as cereals, granola, a donut or a muffin, has the same impact on blood sugar levels as if you ate a whole bowl filled with jelly beans. Even that seemingly healthy bagel is processed the same way donuts are, which means that after the initial short-lived boost, you’ll end up fatigued and irritated.

With so many common breakfast foods linked to sadness or even depression, what should you eat for a “happy” breakfast?

Aim to eat a breakfast that includes some protein, healthy fat, good carbs and fiber. There are plenty of great options available.

Organic yogurt is a rich source of protein and minerals like zinc, iodine, phosphorus and vitamin B-12. It’s also a great source of probiotics which feed healthy bacteria in the gut, essential for smooth running digestive and immune systems. Add some fresh, organic fruit and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed for an easy-to-put-together meal that will help boost energy levels and keep you feeling happy.

If you have just a little more time, scramble a couple of organic free-range eggs in a little coconut oil with a handful of organic baby spinach. Enjoy some fresh fruit on the side, such as berries or grapefruit and you’ve got a tasty, antioxidant-filled meal with healthy fats and protein that will help promote a better mood and a better day.

An avocado-berry smoothie is yet another quick and easy, delicious option for breakfast. Just blend together 2 halved, pitted and peeled avocados; 2 cups slightly thawed frozen blueberries; 1 cup organic Greek-style yogurt; 1 tablespoon raw, organic honey and 1 ½ cups full-fat coconut milk.

Healthy breakfast And, don’t forget the coffee. Your morning cup of Joe contains powerful antioxidants that have been linked to a reduced risk of many types of chronic illness and debilitating disease.

Of course, it also offers energy-boosting properties. Research has found that it can even work as an effective antidepressant as its caffeine content boosts serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, helping to battle against a bad mood. Just don’t overdo it, more than a cup or two can have the opposite effect.

Doesn’t it make sense to start your day off right with a healthy, happy breakfast?

-The Alternative Daily


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