Chipmunk Shaming: Little Guy Caught With Seeds Unloads All

I grew up in Eastern Ontario, where there was no shortage of chipmunks. In fact, they were so tame that they often would eat right out of your hand. I was always amazed at just how many nuts these little guys could stuff in their mouths. Their natural hoarding instincts are incredible.

Chipmunks spend most of the day collecting and storing seeds, especially heading into winter. They use their tongues to move seeds back and to stuff them between their teeth and cheek skin. The video below reminded me of all the times we caught little chippies in our bird feeder back home. A few of them could actually empty an entire feeder in a very short period of time. Watch this chippie who got caught in the act!

We have seen dog shaming videos before. I call this one chipmunk shaming. I am sure you will watch this over and over again!  Share if you like and send in some of your best animals-caught-in-the-act stories!

—Susan Patterson

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