Watch: Amazing Rescue Of Young Elephant Stuck In Flooded River

In this heartwarming video, a 10-year-old elephant was saved by animal conservationists in Thailand. The elephant got stuck in the mud and was almost completely submerged, due to a wicked storm that hit the northern Thailand Phitsanulok area.

Here are people rescuing the elephant from the canal:

Conservationists are reporting that the animal was in that painful position for nearly 24 hours before being found by kind-hearted locals.

In the video below, professional rescuers from the Thung Saleng Luang National Park were able to pull the elephant back to shore using rope, without harming the animal. The elephant couldn’t move due to the strong current in the canal and from exhaustion of trying to get out for so long.

Check out this video:

After the rescue operation, the elephant was immediately sent to veterinarians, in hopes of getting him back to the wild after a full recovery.

“It has been a big relief to finally rescue the elephant and get it out of the water,” said Taiwanese Management and Conservation Office correspondent Dusita Chincharoendee. “Elephants can usually smell humans and that makes them frightened and excited. There were a lot of humans around so that made the rescue harder.”

The valiant recovery of the elephant has people talking online:

What do you think about this animal rescue mission? Have you ever saved an animal in the wild? Let us know!

— PJ Amirata

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