Toxic Gold Nanoparticles Accelerate Aging

One thing that most Americans seem to fight against is aging. We do our best to nip, tuck, surgically alter and hide all the visible signs of our aging bodies. However, many of these procedures and products do more damage than good. In a new study, researchers have discovered how some skin care products containing pure gold nanoparticles can accelerate aging and wrinkling while slowing wound healing due to their interference with fat storage.

Recent research has focused on wound therapy for burn victims and the reaction of subcutaneous fat to low levels of gold nanoparticles. Subcutaneous fat plays an important role in insulating the body from heat and cold, protecting internal organs and nutrient storage.

In the study, gold nanoparticles quickly entered adipose cells where they accumulated and had no way to escape. These particles caused problems with cell movement and division as well as collagen contraction; all things necessary for wound healing.

Once thought safe, gold nanoparticles are now being seen for the damage that they can cause. Researchers are very disturbed by the fact that particles get in the way of genetic regulation and RNA expression; meaning that they could impact whole body health.

This study is the first one of its kind to clearly demonstrate the damage that nanoparticles have on adult stem cells involved in regeneration of organs such as nerve, bone, hair and skin.

Researchers also found that gold nanoparticles  reduced an essential protein involved in glucose regulation and fatty acid breakdown, which controls metabolism. The good news is that once the nanoparticles were removed, proper cellular function was restored.

Healthy Ways to Slow Aging

Rather than, look to a quick fix in a bottle, drug therapy or even surgery, it is wise to consider one of the many ways to naturally slow the aging process. The first step is to adopt a healthy diet that is rich in whole food including fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, filtered water and healthy fat. Getting plenty of sleep, exercising and managing stress, are also paramount to overall health.

goldChronic stress impairs almost every physical process in the human body, including glucose production, cholesterol levels, brain functioning and digestion. Practicing meditation and other relaxation techniques help to restore balance to the body which will, in turn, slow the aging process.

A diet that is rich in antioxidants will help fight off toxins that break down the skin’s natural ability to heal. Red and green peppers, berries, tomatoes, apples and beans all contain antioxidants that combat the aging process.

Smoking, consuming processed foods and excessive alcohol use, all speed along visible signs of aging. Natural skin care products that contain only organic ingredients will help your skin look and feel its best. Taking a high-quality multi vitamin and probiotic are worth considering as they will limit the damage caused by stress and oxidation while boosting immunity.

-The Alternative Daily


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