The Healing Powers of Pepper

The Healing Powers of Pepper

Look in almost any spice cabinet or on a kitchen table and you will likely see black pepper. Most of us don’t think anything about sprinkling a little bit of this strong spice on our dinner, but we rarely think about its healing powers. However, you may just discover that adding a little more spiciness to your foods just might help with a few of your ailments.

The Healing Powers of Pepper
Pink, Green or Black

Pepper comes in three primary colors – pink, green and black. Common table pepper is derived from peppercorns that fall from pepper trees. Each color of peppercorns comes from a different variety of pepper tree.

The most common form of pepper is black. With strong anti-inflammatory characteristics, black pepper can be an excellent additive to foods for people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and many other illnesses.

In addition to helping with problems with inflammation, black pepper can improve pain problems. For individuals with chronic pain problems, including a daily dose of pepper in their diet can significantly reduce pain symptoms.

Other benefits to eating black pepper include inhibition of colon cancer cells, strong antioxidant qualities and inhibition of fat cell growth.

Although black pepper is the strongest of the peppercorn family, pink and green pepper has similar healing qualities. You can purchase peppercorns in each color or combine them for a colorful addition to your table and spice cabinet.

Pepper is a wonderful addition to almost any food. You can combine it with olive oil and lemon for a refreshing and light salad dressing, sprinkle it on pizza or add it to your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. For sore throats, try some black pepper, freshly grated ginger and honey for pain relief.

– The Alternative Daily

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