WATCH: 5 Pumpkin Carving Tips

I love Halloween. The smells, the costumes, the tricks and the treats all fill me with memories of youth and childhood glee. There is, however, one area of the season that I have never been able to master: the pumpkin. It isn’t for lack of trying. I’ve drawn scary sketches in felt tip pens. I have practiced on mini-pumpkins. I’ve carved and I’ve carved. The result was often subpar. There were pumpkins with half a face fallen in, pumpkins whose eyes became one visor-like cut, and others that I just plain gave up on.

This year my husband and I decided to use research instead of practice. I must admit that I outsourced the carving to him, but the tips are new to me, and I think they made all the difference. For once, my front porch will be littered with Halloween pumpkins that look the way I intended them to. Check out these five tips and hopefully yours can too — happy carving!

Pumpkin carving tips

1. Take the time to plan your design first.

2. Use the right tools.

3. Hold the pumpkin in your lap for more stability.

4. Create cool effects by peeling away parts of the rind.

5. Use electric lights to keep your pumpkin fresh for longer.

— Erin Wildermuth

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