Make This Toxic-Free Makeup Remover

Unless I’m going to a formal event, I generally don’t wear makeup anymore. Of course, when I was a bit younger, I used to cake it on — well, that was until I found out what’s actually in most cosmetic products. I must admit, I do a love a little bit of vibrant lipstick once in awhile, so when I do wear makeup, I always make sure that I remove it naturally.

The yucky side of makeup

I’m not going to say that getting dolled up isn’t fun once in awhile, but I’m most certainly a little more laid back than I used to be. Working from home helps — to be honest, I’ve gotten used to a makeup-free face. It just feels good.

The truth is, like many women, I used to rarely ever leave the house without makeup. In fact, based on one survey, it was reported that after asking 1,292 women aged 18 years or older, 44 percent of women said they experience negative feelings when they aren’t wearing makeup.

Shockingly, only three percent of women said that they feel more attractive when they’re not wearing any makeup. There’s most certainly a disconnect between what’s actually important, especially since cosmetics are packed with all kinds of chemicals. Remember ladies, you’re beautiful — you don’t need all that makeup.

Within one study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, it was reported that makeup may contribute to both developmental and reproductive issues. Based on reports, makeup, shampoo, nail polish, lotion and other personal care products contain a number of chemicals that lack key safety data — it’s concerning!

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Of course, once you slap makeup on your face, it’s sitting there essentially damaging your skin. Within a 2013 survey, as reported by the Daily Mail, it was found that one-third of women said that they sleep with their makeup on at least twice a week. From cracking skin to red patches, it’s clear that your skin suffers when not cleaned properly.

Without getting into the yucky stuff inside of conventional face washes, like fragrance and parabens, it’s safe to say you’ll love this simple, quick and effective remedy. You’ll be all cleaned up in a matter of minutes, utilizing two simple, all-natural ingredients — witch hazel and coconut oil.

MakeupRemover1 (1)

I also generally add a touch of vitamin E, but that’s totally optional. You can also substitute coconut oil for one of your other favorite oils — olive, jojoba, avocado oil, etc. I’ve just always liked coconut oil because I find that it’s delicate and combats eye makeup without needing to scrub.

Coconut oil is able to break down water-resistant substances that are often found in mascara and eyeshadow, helping you easily remove them from your lashes and lids. The addition of witch hazel ensures that dirt, excess oil, and makeup residue are lifted and removed from your pores. Plus, the moisturizing effect of both oils is an added bonus.

Wipe away that makeup, ladies

Toxic-Free Makeup Remover
Toxic-Free Makeup Remover
Once the excitement of the day dulls down, get out your cotton pads and let your skin breath!
Toxic-Free Makeup Remover
Toxic-Free Makeup Remover
Once the excitement of the day dulls down, get out your cotton pads and let your skin breath!
1 small container
Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
no cooking
  • 1 tbsp witch hazel
  • 1 tbsp liquid coconut oil
  • 2 drops vitamin E (optional)
Servings: small container
  1. Simply mix both oils in a small, clean container.
  2. Dip a cotton ball or pour your mixture onto a cotton pad, close your eyes, and wipe away.
  3. Have a damp cloth handy, just in case you’d like to wipe your eyes directly after. No need to wash your face — work the oils into your skin, allowing the oils to benefit your complexion overnight.

Krista Hillis

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