Check out These Unusual Pet Gifts – They Aren’t All Furry

If you’ve ever thought about giving a pet to someone, but would like something other than the usual cat or dog, there are a few unusual pets you can give. Exotic pets can bring joy and companionship, but you should be aware that exotic pets are a huge responsibility.

Before purchasing any pet for a loved one, make sure that they’ve got the space, the time and the desire to take on a new pet first. If the pet is for a child, always check with the parents first.

Flying squirrel, Sugarglider isolated on whiteSugar glider. Known as pocket pets, sugar gliders are cuddly, tiny creatures that are actually small marsupials. They get their name because of their sweet tooth: they love fruits and vegetables. They are loyal, playful and will bring plenty of joy to someone’s life.

Tarantula. While many people may find tarantulas nasty or petrifying, having tarantulas as pets can be an interesting hobby. Tarantulas have been quite popular now for a number of years. They are unique, quiet and require little space

Hissing cockroach. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are great pets, especially for children, because they are totally harmless. These creepy critters don’t bite, they don’t fly and they don’t sting. They’re not fast runners and they’re large. They’re also quiet, and need little room and attention.

Mexican jumping beans. Mexican jumping beans are not really beans – they are seed pods that grow on a bush found only in Mexico. A moth lays its egg in the bush and the leaves form a seedpod around the moth egg. These “beans” have been entertaining us for more than 50 years. They are ideal pets since they don’t need to be walked, fed or brushed.

Spanish Walking Stick insect  species Leptynia hispanicaStick insect.
Stick insects as pets can be fun for everyone. These insects are among the most popular insects kept as pets, mainly because of their unique appearance and the ease of caring for them. They can live for several years in the right conditions. Stick insects can be handled and can be quite tame, but they are delicate and should be handled with tender care.

Hermit crabs. Hermit crabs are a popular choice for a unique, low-maintenance pet. Unlike their name implies, hermit crabs love company. They are active and curious and travel in packs. So, if you’re thinking of buying one, consider two or maybe even three.

Sea-Monkeys. This unusual pet is actually a variety of the brine shrimp. Several decades ago, a scientist observed brine shrimp eggs and discovered that they have a long shelf life out of water. A few experiments, and Sea-Monkeys were born in 1960. Once the eggs hatch, they’re pretty easy to care for.

Ant farm. There are many varieties of ant farms available for you to view your hard working “pets” in. They are low maintenance and inexpensive. Once the ant farm is set up, you can sit back and watch your pets go to work. Ants can be entertaining and fascinating to watch.

finding a presentRat. A rat might not be the first animal you think of to give as a pet, but they are very intelligent and loyal. Rats are social, so it would be best to have two together. They are easily tamed and can actually learn some tricks.

Gecko. There are many varieties of geckos, but the most popular to own is the leopard gecko. Geckos have been bred in captivity for about 30 years, and their lifespan is between 10-20 years. They are a laid back lizard and relatively easy to care for.

Pygmy hedgehog. Don’t let this hedgehog’s spiny back fool you, these adorable animals are quite friendly and affectionate. They are curious creatures and are nocturnal, which means they’ll do most of their exploring at night. Hedgehogs are docile and will purr when they are content. Snuggling with your hedgehog can be compared to snuggling with a hairbrush, but cuter.

We caution you to do your research on shopping and caring for these unique pets before you make a purchase. A pet is a big commitment.

-The Alternative Daily

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