3 Tips For Instant Stress Relief in the Workplace

The daily grind can be one of the most stressful places to be at any given time. With the abundance of egos, deadlines, meetings, constant focus on money and goals, it is a hot bed for a nervous breakdown. Here are 3 Tips for Instant Stress Relief in the Workplace.

 1. Take a “smoke” break

Ok, well not really. I don’t advise actually smoking, but one of the upper hands that people who smoke have, is that they take a few breaks during their day to cut a butt. When I was in an office of about 80 people, the amount of stress that was present was unbelievable. There were times that I needed to have a little get away. I went outside and got some fresh air. If you are in an office atmosphere where you can take a few minutes to just step outside, do it. I have been employed by quite a few companies, and none of them had a problem with me stepping outside. When I returned back to my desk, I was always refreshed and ready to get back to the project at hand.

2. Look up

If you have the chance to get outside, look up. Take a look at the sky and the clouds. You will instantly be reminded how small you are in comparison to everything out there. This includes all of your little worries in your head. Whether you think they are big or small, it pales in comparison to the universe out there. This is a very humbling experience. When you realize how little your problems are, there is a slight peace and comfort in this recognition. Enjoy it. This is also a neat practice for any type of moments in your life when the stress level rises. Just look up, and know that what you are worrying about, is actually pretty small.

3. Listen to the sound of the workplace

This is a pretty neat practice that I picked up while working in a cubicle pit. If I found myself lost in thought and my stress levels were rising, I would stop what I was doing for a few minutes, and just listen to the sound of the bull pen of workers. The keyboard tapping, the voices speaking on the phones, the ruffle of papers and drawers opening and closing. These are all things to listen for. When I did this for the first time, I was amazed at how slightly comical these sounds were. It was the sound of people working away. It was the sound of business. It was neither bad nor good, but it was slightly amusing. Just to hear everyone at work was a practice I could do at my desk, never having to leave, and it brought a slight sense of relief.

Take some time for yourself, even at work. You will find that you will actually be more productive once you relieve some of the stress that the corporate life brings.

– The Alternative Daily

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