29 Surprising Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the world’s safest all-natural sanitizers in your home. You’ve probably got it under the bathroom sink, in your linen closet or tucked away somewhere near your first aid kit. It’s time to pull it out and use it for cleaning, disinfecting and more.

Chemically called H202 — a mix of water and oxygen — hydrogen peroxide kills disease and microorganisms by oxidation, which is something like a controlled burning process. That’s why you’ll see it bubble away many of your household troubles.

Typically, a three percent mix of hydrogen peroxide is enough to work wonders for health, beauty and cleaning your kitchen and bath, and can be purchased for about a dollar. There are potentially hundreds of uses for hydrogen peroxide, but for a start, here are 30 ways to use it in your home.

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