Yes You Can Love Your Workout: Here’s How

Sometimes, we become bored doing the same workout week after week. Perhaps you love running, for example, but you know you need to do some cross-training and just haven’t been able to get motivated. Or, the whole routine has just become stale.

If this is happening to you, consider the following ways of tricking yourself into loving your workout.

Track your progress

By tracking your progress, you’ll likely learn to love your workout by seeing the results. If you’re working on building a stronger core by practicing Pilates, for example, you might find that you’re able to run further and faster, which is proof positive that your effort is worth the reward.

Focus on the physical and psychological rewards

Instead of thinking about how the activity is taking time away from what you’d rather be doing, focus on the benefits it’s offering your body and mind.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Remember that when you’re trying a new activity, you’re unlikely to excel at it like you would your main workout. The good news is, you don’t have to. Enjoy the freedom that not putting pressure on yourself brings, and just appreciate the fact that it’s a great stress reliever in addition to helping you get fit.

Connect something that you love with your workout

If you’re dreading your workout, try combining it with something you love. For example, if you love to read but rarely have the time, bring a good novel to the gym, and read as you work that Elliptical trainer. Or, you can always reward yourself with something after you’re finished – like your favorite piece of dark chocolate or allowing yourself to watch a little trashy TV. Anything (within reason) that will get you motivated is worth trying.

Make it socially rewarding

Many people find that working out in a group or with a buddy is a lot more fun. It also offers the benefits of the chance to connect in person socially – something that seems to happen less and less frequently these days. Making plans with someone else also means you won’t want to let them down, so you’re far more likely to stick with it.

Be aware of how and why it works

Knowing the purpose of your workout – what each type of exercise does, what it’s targeting and how it’s helping you get closer to your goals – is a great motivator.

Get a trainer

PIf you just can’t get motivated no matter what you do, you might want to get a trainer, at least temporarily. Part of what a trainer does is to try and make your workout entertaining – so much so that you might just find that you’re looking forward to your session as the highlight of your day.

Don’t forget the big picture

Remember, it’s not all about hard-core training – even if you’re doing something you love, it can lead to burnout. By trying something new, you’ll help keep your favorite activity fresh too.

-The Alternative Daily


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