What are the Benefits of a Butt Massage

You may have only clicked on this article thinking “surely they can’t be serious.” Though it may not be the most popular place on your body for a massage and you probably rarely think of your tush as anything other than something you sit on, this often neglected group of fat and muscle has a lot to offer. Butt massages are an excellent way to restore the stability of your whole body and increase flexibility and strength. Check out our list for a few reasons you should get a butt massage today.

The gluteal muscles of the buttocks are among the largest group in the body and are essential for a number of functions including stability, movement, and posture. The problem is, you may not even realize when your muscles are injured or weak, and this could lead to severe issues including lower back and hip pain and a decreased range of motion. Butt massages are designed to help treat and prevent these issues by pushing and stretching your muscles to help improve muscle stability, boost circulation through your lower extremities, and increase your range of motion.

Keep in mind; any massage should be done by a licensed professional in a certified massage practice in an appropriate manner. Improper techniques can lead to injury and could potentially make any health problems worse.

Increased flexibility

Whether you suffer from tight glues due to lack of use, inadequate stretching, or injury, it can be hard to loosen them up and reclaim full range of movement. Butt massage can help work these muscles and improve strength and circulation throughout your lower body.

Improved athletic performance

Any athlete won’t hesitate to affirm the importance of strong butt muscles for sports. Think about it, you use your butt muscles for squatting, running, and jumping. Even actions that seem like they only require upper body muscles such as golfing or throwing a ball still utilize your Gluteus Maximus. A physical therapist or massage therapist can work with you to decrease your risk of injury by assessing your glutes and addressing any muscular issues or misfires.

Decrease back pain

According to studies, nearly 80% of all Americans will experience some form of lower back pain. This can range all the way from a minor twinge to a debilitating injury. For many, this pain is chronic and lasts for years, hampering daily activities and preventing a full range of motion.

Sciatica is a sharp pain that is caused by a tight piriformis muscle which is under the glutes. This tension, in turn, puts pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back causing shooting pains to travel from the lower back and spread down through the hips, leg, and buttocks. It can often be incredibly painful and difficult to find relief. Massaging the butt takes the tension off the sciatic nerve and allows the tight muscles to unwind and relax.

Butt massage can ease chronic and acute pain by targeting problem areas and working on the tight muscles and tension that often lead to back issues. It removes the pressure on your spine, legs, and other parts of your back, allowing the contracted, wound up muscles to relax and repair more quickly.

This type of physical therapy can help relieve back pain from a number of other causes including bruised buttocks, herniated discs, tailbone pain, and tight glutes.

Reduce knee and leg pain

Any imbalance in the legs can lead to serious knee and joint problems over time. Inactive glute muscles are a common cause of this imbalance and can lead to chronic knee pain. Unfortunately, the glutes are often an overlooked source of knee problems and can be easily forgotten about. Try visiting a massage therapist and performing butt-engaging exercises to get your glutes firing again.

Pregnancy benefits

During pregnancy, women can often start to experience lower back and butt pain due to the increased weight they are carrying in their abdomen. Prenatal butt massage may help improve posture and decrease overall soreness by targeting sore fat and muscle groups in the tush.

In a professional setting, it is totally normal to ask your therapist about a bum massage. Don’t be weirded out. Your butt has muscles too and deserves just as much attention as the rest of your body.

-The Alternative Daily

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