9 Ways to Live a Truly Plastic Free Life

Living a plastic-free life in this day and age is not impossible, but it’s not easy either. If you have decided to make an effort to reduce plastic consumption this year, keep in mind that baby steps are everything. You are not going to go from living a life filled with plastic products to not using a bit of plastic in a day. The important thing is to be mindful of your contribution and help educate yourself and others on the environmental dangers of this harmful substance.

Note: It is critical to use what you have first before going out and buying something new to help increase your “sustainability.” Even if you are buying a trendy metal straw or a cute grocery bag to ditch single-use plastic products, these things still required energy to be made. Not using a straw at all and using an old tote bag that you already have would be just as effective.  The important thing is finding the balance, reusing things, and making slow, sustainable, lasting change in your life. 

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