21 Home Remedies that Actually Work – Some are Kinda Weird

Some home remedies make sense. For example, aloe vera on a sunburn. Others, however, can seem a little bit out there. Yet, they still work!

The following are 21 such tried-and-true remedies. Some of these may seem a little funny, but it doesn’t make them any less effective. Try for yourself!

Carrot sticks and apples for whiter teeth

When you chomp on crunchy foods such as carrot sticks and apples, it helps to cleanse the enamel of your teeth. Apples are especially great for this, as their malic acid content helps to remove stains.

Chicken soup for colds and other seasonal ickies

Chicken SoupOk, maybe this isn’t so weird, but only because it’s so ancient that everyone and especially their mother knows it. Along with being packed with nutrients, chicken broth and other bone broths contain an amino acid known as cysteine, which is linked to thinning the mucus buildup in the respiratory tract and lungs.

Mint essential oil for combating fatigue

If you’re feeling sluggish, rub a drop or two of mint essential oil onto your palms, and inhale deeply. An instant surge of clarity and focus. This works with other essential oils in the mint family, as well.

Lavender essential oil for stress relief

The soothing properties of lavender have been known since ancient times. When feeling anxious or overwhelmed, try some aromatherapy with lavender essential oil. This oil is also great for a soothing, stress-busting massage.

A pencil for tension headaches

Because tension headaches often stem from clenched jaw muscles, putting a pencil between your teeth – without biting down – makes you automatically relax your jaw. Take some deep breaths while you do this, and after a minute, take the pencil out of your mouth, and try not to tense back up!

Cardamom for freshening breath

There is a reason for the Indian tradition of offering a bowl of cardamom seeds to guests to follow their meals. These antioxidant-packed little seeds, with their strong, refreshing flavor, can cleanse your palate and leave your mouth tasting great.

Yogurt to fight bad breath

spoon of yogurtAnother fresh breath trick: plain, organic yogurt. The live bacteria cultures in the yogurt help neutralize the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Witch hazel for cuts, scrapes and blisters

Works just as well as rubbing alcohol, but is less drying on the skin.

Ginger for digestion

Ginger’s ability to settle the stomach is no old wive’s tale. This powerful rhizome is your first line of defense against upset stomachs and nausea.

Olives to help prevent motion sickness

For your next road trip, don’t forget to pack a jar of olives. The tannins that they contain can help to dissipate the first signs of nausea by drying your mouth. However, this remedy may not work if you are already ill; eat a couple olives at the first sign of motion sickness to help prevent worsening.

Prune juice to ease constipation

Although we’ve all heard of this one, we may not quite understand how prunes work to break up digestive blockages. The soluble fiber, insoluble fiber and sorbitol found in these little fruits work to add bulk to stool, soften stool, support healthy gut bacteria and encourage smooth movement.

Shea butter for dry skin and cracked lips

Skip the vaseline and lip balm: shea butter has you covered. Derived from the shea tree, this thick, luxurious “butter” can heal cracked hands and sore lips in no time – it’ll get you through the winter no problem.

Organic coconut oil for moist, youthful skin

When a little light moisture is all your skin needs, it doesn’t get any better than organic, extra virgin coconut oil. This oil nourishes the skin, and adds important nutrients to keep your complexion smooth and vibrant. Coconut oil is loaded with anti aging properties to naturally boost collagen production. Make your own homemade beauty products using this tropical treasure.

Oatmeal for eczema

oatmealEczema can be a pain indeed, but oatmeal can help in many cases. Many experts recommend pouring colloidal oatmeal into a bath, and soaking in it for about 20 minutes before rinsing. The oatmeal helps to reduce inflammation and calm the skin. If the eczema appears on your face, you can make a thick paste with oatmeal and water, and use it as a facial mask.

Natural exfoliation for body odor

Sometimes, that nasty body odor is simply a result of clogged pores. For this reason, dry brushing your skin before you shower can help a great deal. Just make sure you check out our tips on proper dry brushing technique.

Raw honey for disinfecting wounds

For minor wounds, raw honey can’t be beat. It has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties to clean the wound, and also provides moisture and seals it in.

Cheap vodka for foot odor

Want a weird fix for foot odor? Simply soak in some inexpensive vodka for a few moments. Or, if crunched for time, just rub some on your feet to kill the bacteria and nix the odor. Just don’t put on stinky shoes and socks afterwards.

Warm salt water gargle for sore throats

The old salt gargle works by drawing excess fluid out of infected throat tissues. This temporarily reduces the swelling and can dramatically ease the pain. Use about one part unrefined, ground sea salt to six or seven parts water.

Black tea for sunburn

If you’re out of aloe, reach for a steeped bag of black tea for your sunburn. The tannins help to soothe the pain, prevent peeling and speed up the healing process.

Portrait of a woman biting her pencilDuct tape for warts

Is there anything duct tape can’t do? All you have to do is clean the area with the wart, cut a small piece of duct tape (large enough to cover the wart), and stick it on. Change the tape every three days, and each time you do, remove the dead skin with a pumice stone.

Onion for insect bites

To get rid of the itch of a bug bite, slice an onion in half and rub the juice right on the bite. The sulfur compounds contained in the onion work to neutralize the itch.

-The Alternative Daily

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