Top 3 Best Blenders for Smoothies


With summer here, there is no better time to make a nutritious smoothie with the wide range of fabulous fruits and vegetables now in season.

Of course, any time of the year is a good time for a delicious smoothie if you want to get a ton of healthy nutrients in one delicious drink.

Green smoothies are especially nutritious and a great way to meet your daily requirement for veggies for those that don’t care much for the taste. With a green smoothie, you’ll taste the fruit but hardly even notice the veggies are there!

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a good blender, you might end up frustrated after battling with an appliance that just doesn’t do the trick. The easier and faster it is to toss the fruits and veggies in and produce a fabulous, tasty drink, the more frequently you’ll probably make them.

Here is a look at three of the best blenders for smoothies for various budgets.

Ninja QB1004 Master Prep Pro Food & Drink Mixer

If you’re looking for a good value blender that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for, the Ninja Master Prep Pro is a great choice. It’s super quiet and seems to do everything well, including chopping up ice and frozen fruits.

With many blenders you’ll end up with little chunks of ice at the bottom when putting together a smoothie with ice, but with this it’ll come out perfectly smooth. It truly excels at pulverizing even large chunks of ice in less than 30 seconds.

Consumer Reports rated this blender as the very best food chopper and the second best blender – the first was a $250+ blender, while the Ninja will set you back around $60. It’s a steal!

Vitamix 5200

If you’re looking for a high-end blender and money is not your biggest concern, the Vitamix 5200 is a top choice for those looking for the very best. Also highly recommended by Consumer Reports and referred to as the “uber-blender,” it provides consistent performance and even has the ability to make hot soups when the cold season hits. It handles frozen and whole uncut fruits, and just about anything else you can throw into it, with ease.

At around $500, this is a serious smoothie machine that can also be considered a good investment for your health.

smoothieBreville Hemisphere Control Blender

This blender is considered the best of the lower cost blenders, although it isn’t cheap at around $200. It’s extremely quiet and quickly blends frozen fruit, and even crushes ice in just seconds. One of its buttons allows ice to be turned into a “soft snow of consistency,” making it great for a daiquiri or even a healthy snow cone.

Consumer Reports tests found it “very good,” and was excellent at pureeing. Many feel that it’s a lot more attractive than most other models as well.

Do Your Homework

Be sure to do your homework before purchasing a blender. The best blender for you is the one that will do what you want it to do and fit within  your budget. If you plan on doing a lot of blending for many people, it is best to stick to a higher end model.

This way, you will not have to replace your blender like you would have to if you purchased a cheaper one. Keep you eyes open for sales, these products are often offered at a discount.

-The Alternative Daily

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