12 Things to Do Before January 1st

In the fervor of the holiday season, the New Year is often overlooked, and the turning of the calendar commences with little more than a late night party, a plethora of finger foods, and a seemingly impossible list of New Year’s resolutions. Rather than setting yourself up for failure, try accomplishing these simple tasks before the year ends to help you get 2019 off to the best start possible and keep you on a course of success.

Deep clean your home

Perhaps you hosted festive holiday gatherings in your home, or are simply procrastinating on that much needed deep clean. Take an afternoon and scrub your floors, clean out your fridge, and reorganize distracting clutter. You will have a clearer mind, and be more encouraged to keep your home spic and span throughout the new year.

Unplug for a day

Take at least 24 hours off. Unplug from your electronics, put away the ever-present smartphone, stay off social media, and detox from the constant beeps and notifications. This will give you time to reflect over the past year and spend quality time with your family. Try journaling through the things you are most grateful for from 2018.

Give an anonymous gift

It’s easy to give to friends and family when you know you will be receiving thanks and (most likely) a gift in return. But to truly brighten your day and perform a selfless charitable act, donate a gift or money anonymously to someone in need.

Write down your goals

No, I don’t mean hurridly scribble out a list of New Year’s resolutions that set you up for failure and ultimately discourage you more than anything when you can’t accomplish all of them for a few weeks. What I do mean is writing down your long-term and short-term goals. Putting your dreams and plans onto paper will help give you inspiration and keep you fueled throughout the year. Remember, it’s okay if you don’t accomplish every single thing on your list! Set new achievable goals and work towards those.

Spend time on yourself

Life can be crazy and chaotic, and sometimes it seems that you aren’t allowed to take a “me day.” In reality, you more than deserve time to spend for yourself. Take a bubble bath, read a good book with a hot cup of tea or binge watch that TV show that everyone’s been raving about.

Clear out your inbox

Everyone knows that physical clutter can hamper your productivity, but sometimes electronic clutter is just as bad. Utilize the power of the unsubscribe button and stop receiving those annoying emails that immediately get sent to the trash. This also applies to physical mail. If you find yourself receiving bills or statements that you don’t need, sign up for paperless billing if the option is available. Plus, it’s better for the environment.

Send thank you notes

Thank you notes don’t have to be reserved for times when someone gives you a gift or lets you stay in their home. Try writing down a list of all the people that have made an impact in your life or helped you in some way. Then, throughout 2018, take at least one of those names each week and write a simple thank you note that lets them know what they mean to you. This simple act of thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Clean out the fridge and pantry and use up food

Don’t know what to do with that can of kidney beans that have been sitting in your cupboard for three months? Try finding new and interesting recipes that use some of the ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry. This will help you get rid of food before it expires and you may find a new dish that you love.

Start preparing for tax season

Having your paperwork together and in order will help immensely when the time comes to file your taxes. This will help encourage you to get a head start and perhaps not dread the task quite as much.

Shop the sales

Though you may want to place the holidays firmly out of your mind until next November, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of shopping post-Christmas. If you have space to store them, buy nonperishable goods that are on sale following the holiday rush. Look for things like discounted wrapping paper, gift bags, lights, and other Christmas decorations.

Have a heart to heart with your budget

Planning and being responsible with money are easy ways to stay on top of your finances. Make a budget and stick to it! You’ll be amazed at how much you can save.

Try a new exercise

Maybe it’s time to pick up yoga or make your way to that pilates place that your friends are always raving about. Give your body the activity it needs, and you may even discover a fun new hobby in the process.

-The Alternative Daily

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