40 Names for Sugar and 10 Reasons Why it is Important to Know

Sugar, many feel, should be renamed the white devil. It is a highly addictive substance that lurks in more foods than we can ever imagine. Sugar, a highly refined substance has a toxic effect on the human body that is culmulative.

That is, the more you eat, the worse things get for your health. Unfortunately, many people discover the devastating impact that this nutrient-void substance has had on their health too late.

Of course, the health implications of sugar are well documented, here are just ten reasons why you should avoid it at all costs:

  • Sugar suppresses the immune system.
  • Sugar elevates blood sugar.
  • Sugar disrupts mineral balance.
  • Sugar disrupts digestion.
  • Sugar causes tooth decay.
  • Sugar contributes to obesity.
  • Sugar can cause heart disease.
  • Sugar can cause food allergies.
  • Sugar can cause depression.
  • Sugar increases the risk of certain cancers.

The Many Names of Sugar

One of the major problems with sugar is that it has a large number of pseudonyms. Take the time to look at some things you have in your cupboard and when you go to the store – watch for these names.

Eventually…. you will want to avoid any products with these ingredients. Realize how sugar is not just the white stuff in the bag – all of these ingredients are sugar and have the same effect on the body as sugar.

  • barley malt
  • corn syrup solids
  • fruit juice
  • honey
  • beet sugar
  • date sugar
  • fruit juice concentrate
  • invert sugar
  • brown sugar
  • dextran
  • glucose
  • lactose

Here are some more names…

  • buttered syrup
  • dextrose
  • glucose solids
  • malt syrup
  • cane-juice crystals
  • diatase
  • golden sugar
  • maltodextrin

And some more……

  • cane sugar
  • distatic malt
  • golden syrup
  • maltose
  • sugarcarmel
  • ethyl maltol
  • grape sugar
  • mannitol
  • carob syrup
  • fructose
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • molasses
  • raw sugar
  • refiners sugar
  • sorbitol
  • sorghum syrup

And yet, still some more…

  • sucrose
  • sugar
  • turbinado sugar
  • yellow sugar

Action Plan: Make a list of all of the foods that you currently consume that contain one or more of these ingredients. This will help you gain a better understanding of just how much sugar hides in unsuspecting places.

-The Alternative Daily

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