The Link Between Your Belly Fat and Honeybee Decline

The Link Between Your Belly Fat and Honeybee Decline

Many people fight belly fat that is related to a diet containing high fructose corn syrup and processed foods. Did you know that most high fructose corn syrup comes from GMO-based corn products? Did you also know that bees from commercial beekeepers are also fed high fructose corn syrup which has been cited as a factor contributing to the disappearance of the bees?

The Link Between Your Belly Fat and Honeybee DeclineGMO Corn and Immune System Function

Researchers from the Department of Environmental Health at the Harvard School of Public Health determined that GMO corn is connected to immune system dysfunction in bees. GMO corn seeds are highly saturated with systemic pesticides, which compromise the bees’ ability to fight off infections and parasites. Also, systemic pesticides are carried to bee hives through natural pollen collection activities and contaminate the entire bee colony, including developing baby bees. Systemic pesticides destroy bee nervous systems during development, making it impossible for them to learn and remember how to return to the hive during foraging activities.

Bees from commercial beekeeping operations are fed a steady diet of GMO high fructose corn syrup during transportation from farm to farm. Unable to engage in normal healthy foraging from a variety of pollen sources, the bees would starve and die if not fed this diet of artificial food. Unfortunately, single crop farms have become the norm in commercial farming. As a result, beekeepers are kept in business because of the need for bees to pollinate crops. However, the very industry that has created business for beekeepers appears to also be killing their bees.

Organic beekeepers keep their bees healthy by avoiding artificial food, such as high fructose corn syrup for their bees. Humans who eat a diet that includes GMO high fructose corn syrup also have health problems, such as belly fat, which is associated with immune system disorders, such as diabetes. Perhaps humans should take note of the approach of organic beekeepers and avoid GMO foods also.

Bees are an essential and vital element for the health of our plant. They keep food production working. Without them, we would be reduced to eating only oats and wheat products within a very short period of time. Support the bees and human health by focusing on organic methods of producing food. By avoiding GMO foods, you will help the bees and yourself in the process.

Do you have a garden? Do you use organic production methods? Do you believe bees are really all that important?

– The Alternative Daily

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