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The Anti-nutrient Wreaking Havoc on Your Immune System

Most people are addicted to sugar without realizing it. Unfortunately, sugar is not only an anti-nutrient wreaking havoc on your immune system, it's also...

Weird Cactus Fruit Runs Toxins Out of the Body

If you haven’t heard the term “betalains” before, the odds are you’ll be hearing about it a lot more in the near future. While...

4 Toxic Body Signals You Should Never Ignore

Have you ever wondered if the pains we feel on a regular basis are really “normal”? Is it normal to get frequent headaches?  To...

Why Baby Carrots Are Killing You

There has been great discussion and confusion over baby carrots lately. It seems some feel that these little veggies, perfect for small hands and...

7 Common Toxins That We All Need to Be Aware Of...

Nobody knows just how much of a risk toxins in our food really pose. Most of the associations between chemical exposures and disease are just that--associations. But we're exposed to dozens, if not hundreds, of chemicals, and the effects of some multiple exposures may be more...

PFC Exposure During Pregnancy May Contribute to Obesity

In a study from Emory University, researchers have found that PFC (polyfluoroalkyl compounds) exposure in pregnant mothers may contribute to development of obesity later in life.

7 Natural Ways to Avoid Listeria

Q: Every time I pick up the paper it seems there's some mention that a food is contaminated with deadly bacteria. Now it's apple slices; before it was melons and spinach. What's going on, and what can I do to protect my family? - Charlene J., Charleston, N.C.

Post-Hospital Gut Infection? It May be Time to Switch Your Poop

Q: I've had almost constant diarrhea since I got out of the hospital. They say I picked up an infection from a bug called...

Gut Compounds Could Determine Your Risk of Diabetes

In a study released from Cornell University, researchers have discovered that certain microorganisms in the gut may be linked to the development of type...

Body Toxins Cause Cancer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and More

Body toxins are contaminants that can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin or mucus membrane tissues in the body. Eating contaminated foods,...